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Penryn is one of Cornwall's oldest market towns, with a thousand years of history behind it. The town has kept a lot of its old buildings, and there are a number of structures dating back several centuries. A much more modern attraction is Jubilee Wharf, where it's easy to find boat trips for fishing or sightseeing, and the town is also a popular sailing centre. An unusual claim to fame for Penryn is that it's the base for the English Shinty Association, which aims to popularise this largely Scottish sport in England. Penryn is close to Falmouth, so you can use your Enterprise vehicle to drive there and find big-name shops. The outlets in Penryn itself are mostly on a smaller scale, with plenty of local food and handicrafts to choose from. Taking the car a few miles outside Penryn opens up a lot of western Cornwall, with several nearby towns and the attractive Helston Valley easy to reach. Penryn's branch of Enterprise is close to Penryn College, just off a small roundabout on Kenrick Road.

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