Pay-as-you-go Rental That’s Right Up Your Street

Unlock Cars & Vans With Your Phone - Rent By The Hour or Day

> Rent 24/7 across the UK from £3.28/hour*

> The convenience of a vehicle, without the hassle and expense of owning one

> Membership starts from £2-£7/month location dependent

> Contactless rental  


*Based on a 24hr rental on the standard plan on 08.01.24, excluding mileage

How does Enterprise Car Club work?

1. Join the Club

Select your hometown & sign up on the Enterprise Car Club website.

2. Choose your vehicle

Use the website or app to select the vehicle you want. Reserve in advance or on the go.

3. Unlock & go

Use the mobile app to unlock the vehicle.

4. Return your vehicle

Return to the same location - there will always be a parking space available.

Why Join Enterprise Car Club

Forget about the cost & stress of owning a vehicle

We cover the cost of fuel, servicing, MOTs, breakdown cover, damage protection, tax, cleaning & more.

The largest car club network in the UK

Access cars & vans across the UK 24/7. Pick up from a convenient street, train station, car park or Enterprise Rental Branch.

Reduce CO2 emissions & road congestion

Car club cars produce 72% lower emissions (PM2.5) than the average UK car and each of our cars takes 20 private cars off the road*.

Contactless & Clean

Each of our vehicles is thoroughly cleaned and backed by our 20-plus touchpoint Complete Clean Pledge.



> 24/7 telephone support


> Add your partner at half price


> A vast range of fuel-efficient, hybrid and electric vans & cars


> Membership available from 19 years old

How to Join Enterprise Car Club


1. Select your hometown


2. Fill in the form – you’ll be asked to take a selfie with your driving licence


3. You’ll be notified when your application is approved


4. Drive & unlock vehicles anywhere across the UK


Join Enterprise Car Club Now


You’ll be taken to the Enterprise Car Club website
to select your hometown & sign up.



How does the pricing work?

Join from £2/month

Membership starts from £2 - £7 per month (or £20-£60 /year) depending on your location.


Rent from £3.28/hr*

The cost of each trip starts from £3.28/hr. This will differ based on your vehicle choice, the length of your trip, the location and the mileage.

* Based on a UK 24/hr rental average on the standard plan as at 08/01/2024, excluding mileage

Maximum Day Rate

The app will give you an estimate before you confirm your booking and costs are capped at a day rate.


Paying for Fuel

The cost of fuel is already covered in the mileage fee. So if you need to fill up this won’t be an extra cost - simply use the fuel card in the car for free.

Wheels when you want

“Great service, easy to set-up and join, and the app is a breeze to use. Rates are pretty reasonable and the cars are nice to drive.”
Mike, February 2020

Moving home?

“Great scheme, with loads of cars and vans in our area. Very convenient, great value and an absolute doddle to use”

Customer, January 2020

Pick up a car at the station

“Joining the car club was a fabulous experience and the customer service was brilliant and couldn't fault any part of hiring.“

Customer, November 2019

Weekly food shop?

“Fantastic staff, great customer care. Very easy transaction”

Customer, February 2020

Join today for rental that’s right up your street


You’ll be taken to the Enterprise Car Club website to select your hometown & sign up.

A Greener Way

Enterprise is committed to preserving the environment. That's why we've been delivering transportation alternatives right where people live and work. Our car club is a natural extension of the local car-rental service that Enterprise has pioneered in the UK over the last 20 years. We have a wider selection of vehicles including electric vehicles, that are friendlier to the environment while still getting you where you need to be.


Learn More About Sustainability