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Germany Car Hire FAQs

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Wide Range of Vehicles for Hire

Whether you’re after sports car hire, a spacious SUV, a practical van, or you want to hire an MPV for a family trip, we will have the perfect vehicle for your trip in Germany. Whatever your vehicle preference, we can accommodate your needs with our well-maintained, clean fleet. We offer manual and automatic transmissions, mated to either petrol engines, diesel engines or even hybrid powertrains. At Enterprise, we want to provide you with enjoyable miles on German roads at an affordable price.

We go the extra mile when it comes to customer satisfaction. If you require specific add-ons such as GPS, child seats and boosters, or additional drivers on your car rental, you can count on us. Start your reservation above and get the perfect rental car for your stay in Germany, or explore our fleet page and browse through our vehicle selection.

Do You Need a Van Rental?

You never know when you’ll need extra cargo space, so we have you covered with a selection of Enterprise rental vans in Germany. From house moves, office supply transport, to buying furniture – whatever your need, we are here to help. Our van fleet features the latest models, which come in a wide selection of sizes. Reserve a van for your stay in Germany above or go to our van fleet and explore the vehicles we offer.

Cheap Van and Car Hire in Germany

We make sure the fees and any extra charges are explained clearly, along with the final costs of your rental. The 20 million happy customers we serve every year rent with us again, thanks to good value and our rewarding loyalty program Enterprise Plus. When you want to rent a car with us, you can either visit the most convenient branch, or if you prefer simply prepay on our website in advance to get the cheapest rates. We are here to help you get around Germany in the vehicle best suited to your needs.

Visit our deals page to explore what we offer and get a car or van hire reservation quote above.

German Airport Car Hire

If you decide to fly into Germany and you need a car, you are in luck! Our branches  can be found at 13 of the main German airports. We serve both of Berlin’s airports, Schönefeld and Tegel, as well as the northern parts of Germany served by Hamburg Airport, Bremen and Hannover. If you are visiting Cologne, Essen, Dortmund or any other western part of Germany, Düsseldorf Airport will likely be your destination. If you are flying into Saxony in the Eastern part of the country, you can rent our cars from Dresden Airport. Bavaria is a famous destination for tourists in Germany and if you are looking to visit this Southern part of Germany, we will be able to help you with a car in our Munich Airport branch.

We understand some flights are outside of standard business hours. We provide flexible collection times, to ensure you can get into your hire car when you arrive in Germany, and you can return your vehicle at a time convenient to your outbound flight. When you want to return your rental car, Enterprise agents from your chosen branch will provide instructions and what procedures are in place for your early or late return.

Enterprise Car Hire Services

At Enterprise, we understand our customers need flexibility when hiring a car or van.  To ensure you recieve the best experience, we offer a number of car hire services that would help meet customer needs.

Need to drop off in a different location?

One Way Car Hire

Looking to rent a car for a one-way trip? No problem! Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers easy and convenient one-way car rentals from most of its 10,000 locations in 90+ countries. Choose from a great selection of vehicles, including economy, saloons, SUVs, people carriers and vans.

Need help picking up and returning car?

Free Pick Up and Drop Off Service in the UK

Our free pick-up service is available at non-airport locations during normal business hours. After you have reserved your vehicle online, we'll call and you can arrange your free pick-up.

Need a car for an extended time?

Long Term Car Hire Service

Looking for a flexible alternative to a traditional rental or lease agreement? We've set up dedicated long-term branches throughout UK to provide our customers one-on-one attention. Just let us know when and where you need to rent a vehicle, and we'll take care of the rest.

Things to do in Germany

Visit the modern capital

From forested hills and mountains to modern cities, Germany has a lot to offer. Filled with history and wonderful unscathed nature, it’s also a pleasure to drive through. The capital Berlin is a must-see for most people visiting the country. Home to the iconic Berlin Wall and other historical sites, famous Techno clubs and trendy cafes – the German capital is a quintessential European city everyone should visit.

Castles, cars and colourful old towns

In the north of the country, there are numerous ‘Hanseatic Trade League’ cities. Famed for their unique brick buildings and colourful tall houses, cities like Lübeck and Hamburg are prime examples of this era of European history. If you are after breath-taking landscapes and castles comparable to those in Disney films, the Southern state of Bavaria is what you need. Besides the known beer festivities, the region is filled with castles like Neuschwanstein Castle and beautiful lakes such as Lake Königssee. For fans of German cars, the south of Germany is heavily tied to the motor industry. Stuttgart houses both, the Porsche and Mercedes museums, whereas Munich is home to the ‘Bavarian Motor Works’ museum.

Tips for Driving in Germany

When driving in Germany, there a few key things to remember:

  • In mainland Europe you drive on the right hand side. Make sure you remember this on roundabouts and motorways!
  • Our vehicles have the mandatory safety items required by law in Germany. You will find a reflective top, a warning triangle and a first aid kit.
  • The famous Autobahn network of motorways is arguably the best in its class. With stretches of no restrictions on speed limit, you should be aware of not only the vehicle’s capability, but your own as a driver – the speed recommended by German authorities is 130kph (80mph).
  • The rule of thumb on Autobahns is stay right unless you have to pass vehicles slower than yours on the left. The leftmost lane is where you will frequently find powerful cars testing their limits so watch out for fast approaching vehicles flashing their lights.
  • German rest stops or ‘Rastplatz’ are frequent. A lot have free toilets, shelters and seating places for you to eat and stretch your legs out.
  • You will see come across ‘Serways’ signs a lot when driving – it’s a German rest stop brand found on all the motorways. It’s a great place to grab cheap food, coffee and use the toilet facilities. The toilet charges a small fee, but you receive a printed ticket of the same value to exchange for a coffee in store.

Our Enterprise fleet is well maintained and contains the latest models so they are all ULEZ compliant. This means you do not have to worry about being charged for driving polluting vehicles inside German cities.

Car & Van Hire in Germany

With seemingly endless stretches of world-renowned ‘Autobahn’ motorways, untouched forests, lake districts and a rich cuisine with plenty of beer, Germany is a fantastic destination for a European road trip. Why not experience this within the comfort of an Enterprise car hire? Our vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one to tackle the famed roads. You can find our branches inside the capital Berlin and other major cities such as Cologne, Munich or Frankfurt.

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