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Cowley is a town located within the country of Oxfordshire. It has been inhabited since ancient times, and one of the most interesting sights is a Roman road that runs along one of its borders. During the first half of the 20th century, Cowley was known as a major car manufacturing centre; particularly in reference to the Morris Motors Corporation. This plant is now owned by manufacturer BMW, although many residents still refer to its by its previous name. Although Cowley can be considered a quaint town when compared to larger villages, there are still a number of notable sights here. A handful of examples will often include an exhibition centre devoted to Mini vehicles, Carfax Tower and the famous Oxford Museum of Natural History. The nearest Enterprise Rent-A-Car office to this location is located at 10 Watlington Road. Cowley and Oxford as a whole can be accessed via the M40 motorway. Local thoroughfares, including the A34 and the A40, may also be used. Please note that the best method to arrive here is by car, as the Cowley railway station (part of the Great Western Railway) is no longer open.

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