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Car & Van Hire in London Bow

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Otherwise simply referred to as "Bow", this district is found in the East End of London. The term "Bow" actually refers back to a well-known bridge that was constructed sometime during the early 12th century. The town was first recognised as a settlement in 1177 and it was particularly known for its production of fine porcelain. Events such as the Green Goose Fair are celebrated here every year, while visitors can enjoy the splendour of outdoor attractions, including Mile End Park and Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. The offices of Enterprise Rent-A-Car are located at 145B Bow Road. As the address title hints, they are not far off from the centre of town and are close to many bus stations. They can be reached by both the A11 and A12 motorways. It is also possible to utilise the tube stations to be found nearby. The two closest options are Mile End Station and Bow Road Station.

Cheap Car and Van Rental in London Bow

It is no surprise that countless customers from all walks of life enjoy the services provided by Enterprise – the prices associated with car and van rentals are extremely competitive. Furthermore, it is always possible to enjoy even greater savings by booking a deal online. Reserving a vehicle in advance also provides excellent rates. As all units are very fuel-efficient, customers will not have to worry about paying unnecessary out-of-pocket funds towards the price of petrol.

London Bow Van Hire

Enterprise is pleased to be able to offer bespoke van hire services for both local and regional customers. There is a wide variety to choose from and the dimensions of the van will primarily depend upon what it is required for. Smaller and medium-sized models are equipped to handle standard transportation requirements. Larger variants, such as the Luton variety, are provided with a superior amount of interior space, as well as the ability to accommodate three passengers. Learn more about Enterprise van hire.

A Wide Range of Vehicles to Hire

Each excursion will require a very specific type of vehicle. In order to address the discrete needs of the customer, a kaleidoscope of sizes and dimensions are available. Mini and two-door models are equipped for personal transportation needs, while four-door sedans and premium variants may be perfect for a business trip or a day out with the family. SUVs and quality people carriers are additional possibilities that all customers can enjoy.

Driving Information in London Bow

Besides the A11 and the A12 motorways, London Bow can also be reached by London Buses, including the numbers 8, 15, 108, 205 and 276. Due to the fact that there are many nearby tube stations, it is important to keep in mind that parking restrictions are present.