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United Kingdom Car Hire FAQs

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Travelling to the UK?

With over 420 branches across the UK, we aim to have a branch conveniently located close to you. If you can’t get to a branch, we will come and collect you. You can hire our cars in over 70 countries, we have over 7,600 branches worldwide. With all these branches, we endeavour to always have a vehicle of your choosing close to you. Our UK branches have fleets of cars ranging from smaller economy cars to larger SUVs and people carriers. Book your hire car online for our cheapest prices.

Car Hire Locations in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a collection of countries with breath-taking sceneries connected by a great network of motorways and roads. The variety of bustling cities, quaint villages and picturesque Areas Of Natural Beauty (AONB) will make you want to drive from one landmark to the next. If you want to tackle the Scottish Highlands, bask in the sun of Cornwall’s coves or need a car for exploring Northern Ireland – make each journey go smooth and easy by renting your car with Enterprise. With over 420 branches across the UK, you can find us in most airport terminals at our convenient counters where you can pick your rental up, or let our agent help you find what you need. We also have branches in each of the capitals and in most cities, so we are able to help you with car hire in London and even in smaller towns.

Wide Range of Vehicles for Hire

With one of the world’s biggest rental car fleets, we can help you find the ideal car for hire in the UK, no matter what your plans and needs are. Whether you’re planning a family road trip and you’re after a seven seater car for hire, or you require a simple economy car rental to get you from A to B, we’ll help get you on the road. We take into account the little nuances that make driving a personal experience, so we offer cars with petrol, diesel or hybrid powertrains. If you prefer automatics to manuals, we can help you with that too. Get a quote above and pick out your perfect rental.

In need of extra equipment for your rental car? We can provide GPS systems, child boosters and seats, as well as additional drivers as optional add-ons for your convenience. Look at our fleet page to discover the variety of cars we offer in the UK.

Van Hire in the UK

When extra cargo space is required, our fleet will definitely have the perfect rental van to cater towards your needs. Whether you are moving house across the UK, or you need to transport some building supplies for your dream conservatory. Our van sizes start with the short wheelbase models, and end on the spacious Luton cab vans. To make sure your journeys are comfortable, to ensure great fuel economy and that driving into city centres is easy, our fleet has the latest van models  – meaning Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) in places like London are nothing to worry about.

Cheap Car Hire in the UK

If you need a cheap hire car for your stay in the UK, you are in the right place. By booking on our Enterprise Rent-A-Car website using the Pre-Pay service, you will get the cheapest quote for any of our vehicles. Take a look at our current deals and see how else we can help you save.

Do you hire cars frequently? You could benefit from joining the Enterprise Plus loyalty membership scheme and earn redeemable points for eligible rentals, to get free car hire in for the future.

Airport Car Hire in the UK

When you land at a major airport, you can find us at one of our UK airport terminal branches. If you fly into any of the London airports, we are able to help get you on the road in Heathrow, Luton, Stansted and Gatwick. Our cars and vans are usually a short walk away from the terminals, but when the rental car parks are further than a stroll, there are shuttles to take you there. We understand people value flexibility, especially when some flights are outside of normal business hours. That’s why we offer After Hours Service that allows you to drop your rental off to an Enterprise parking bay, even when we are not there. Just ask one of our agents where the key drop-off box is and get on your flight stress-free.

Enterprise Car Rental Services

At Enterprise, we understand our customers need flexibility when hiring a car or van.  To ensure you recieve the best experience, we offer a number of car rental services that would help meet customer needs.

Need to drop off in a different location?

One Way Car Hire

Looking to rent a car for a one-way trip? No problem! Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers easy and convenient one-way car rentals from most of its 10,000 locations in 90+ countries. Choose from a great selection of vehicles, including economy, saloons, SUVs, people carriers and vans.

Need help picking up and returning car?

Free Pick Up and Drop Off Service

Our free pick-up service is available at non-airport locations during normal business hours. After you have reserved your vehicle online, we'll call and you can arrange your free pick-up.

Need a car for an extended time?

Long Term Car Hire Service

Looking for a flexible alternative to a traditional rental or lease agreement? We've set up dedicated long-term branches throughout UK to provide our customers one-on-one attention. Just let us know when and where you need to rent a vehicle, and we'll take care of the rest.

Things to do in the UK

Visit the iconic capital

The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland. Each country is connected by a vast network of motorways and local roads, providing instant access to beautiful scenery and hidden gems. The place most tourists start their journey is London : the capital city and home of iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the London Eye. It’s a great place to start your trip as the roads going out of London take you to other must-see places.

Experience quintessential English villages

If you are after quintessential British villages straight out of detective Poirot’s adventures, you should visit the Cotswolds Area of Natural Beauty in Gloucestershire. With its yellow stoned cottages, quaint village centres and hills of rolling fields, it’s a great place for peaceful strolls and experiencing that five in the afternoon tea break. For those who prefer seaside attractions, you can drive further to the west and reach Devon, but make sure to stop off and see Stonehenge just above Salisbury. From Devon, you can take the incredible A39 road also referred to as ‘The Atlantic Highway’, to the magical coastal peninsula of Cornwall. Filled with the UK’s most beautiful beaches such as Porthcurno, scenic coastal villages and the amazing St. Michael’s Mount castle reachable only during low tides – it’s a must-see region for any traveller.

Try and spot the Loch Ness monster in Scotland

For those who enjoy hiking and mythical monsters, the Scottish Highlands are a perfect destination. Visit Inverness and the famous Loch Ness, then take-on the ‘North Coast 500’ – Scotland’s answer to Route 66. The road stretches for 516 miles, forming a loop which starts and ends in Inverness. On the way, you can expect to see the Highlands in one epic tour that takes from five to seven days. If you head from Inverness to Glasgow, you may want to take the scenic A82 route along the Lochs and stop off at the tallest peak of the United Kingdom – Ben Nevis. Whatever your dream visit to the UK looks like, a car rental from Enterprise is sure to help you reach the landmarks and destinations you have in mind. Get a quote above and plan your visit to the United Kingdom with a car to get more out of your time here.

Tips for Driving in the UK

When driving in the UK, there a few key things to remember:

  • In the United Kingdom, you drive on the left. Make sure you remember to give priority from the right and enter roundabouts clockwise – there are a lot of them all over the country.
  • Unless specified otherwise, the speed limit in cities and built-up areas is 30mph with certain areas signposted 20mph. ‘A roads’ usually range from 40mph to the national speed limit of 60mph and Motorways are limited to 70mph.
  • The United Kingdom’s road network is full of smart motorways that adjust speed limits automatically. They also measure how fast you travel between certain checkpoints and inform authorities if you exceeded the maximum speed limit for the segment. Watch out for signposted speed limits and monitor your speed even if there are no speed cameras present.
  • Motorways near main cities, such as the M25 ring road of London, the M1 and the M6 become congested during peak time hours. Allow for extra time when planning your road trips, especially during hot bank holidays when most people storm the coasts.
  • Certain motorways, bridges and tunnels in the UK have tolls that are either payable online due to number plate scanners, or at gates using spare change and contactless cards.
  • Rural coastal roads and some in-land roads can get very tight and often have stone fences on each side (especially in Cornwall), so be wary of oncoming traffic on tight turns where visibility is obstructed.
  • In emergencies, dial 112 or 999 to contact the police, ambulance or fire services.

Car & Van Hire in United Kingdom

With over 420 branches across the UK, we aim to have a branch conveniently located close to you. If you can’t get to a branch, we will come and collect you. You can hire our cars in over 70 countries, we have over 7,600 branches worldwide. With all these branches, we endeavour to always have a vehicle of your choosing close to you. Our UK branches have fleets of cars ranging from smaller economy cars to larger SUVs and people carriers. Book your hire car online for our cheapest prices.

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