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Car & Van Hire in Downtown Cardiff

Local Car and Van Hire in Cardiff City Centre

When it comes to things to do, Cardiff does not disappoint. The Welsh capital has amazing beaches, character-filled markets and historical buildings. Voted as Britain’s 8th favourite city for short breaks, it's a destination that gets flooded by visitors every summer. While there are a few ways to get around, nothing beats a car when it comes to taking in the lush green spaces. For this reason, finding a car rental that’s reliable, easy to use and convenient is a must. Enterprise is a car rental company that has been around for 55 years, and for good reason. Their solid reputation is built on providing the best cars and vans for rental, makes them a good choice when it comes to renting a car in Cardiff. The locations to find Enterprise branches for car rental near Cardiff are at Cardiff Airport, Bristol Airport, Cardiff West (Hadfield Court/Hadfield Road) and Cardiff East (Ipswich Road).

Cheap Car and Van Rental in Cardiff City Centre

When it comes to holidaying, it's rarely a cheap experience. Therefore, any saving that can be made on car rentals is always welcomed. For those looking to save money and reduce pollution in the exquisite Cardiff surroundings, there are fuel-efficient vehicles. These consume less fuel, so overall, the money spent topping up the tank is considerably minimised. The fuel-efficient Enterprise vehicles are in the Economy car range. These come as spacious four-seaters, with a three-bag loading space in the car boot. Other types of cars available for rental are four and five-seaters, with loading space for up to four bags in the boot. There are also sports cars for individuals and couples. While these cars do not reduce cost via fuel efficiency, there are always deals for weekend rentals.

Cardiff City Centre Van Hire

Enterprise offers all kinds of vans, from SUVs to people carriers. The people carriers give groups of up to five people a good amount of seating space. These are great options for discovering the Cardiff countryside. The commercial vans are wonderful choices for those looking to renovate a house or transport bulkier items. These come in two and three-seaters, and as with all Enterprise vans and cars, are well maintained. Learn more about Enterprise van hire.

A Wide Range of Vehicles to Hire

There is a large range of vehicles for every need at Enterprise, from nine-seater people carriers to sports cars, along with SUV's that have added room for luggage. The cars on offer are just as varied. There are three-door compacts that are great for a weekend getaway, and five-seat standard cars that give passengers plenty of room, to name but a few.

Driving Information in Cardiff City Centre

In the summer months, when there are many visitors to Cardiff city, it can get busier on the roads. However, this can be avoided by leaving a little earlier to avoid the rush. In St David's Dewi Sant Shopping Centre, there are 2,000 parking spaces that are overlooked by CCTV cameras, 24 hours a day. To park for up to three hours costs around £4; this is a fairly standard price for parking around Cardiff.