Beyond The Game: Manchester

My best mate Dixon and I have been into football since the word go. 5-a-side, 11-a-side, the big games on telly and the little kickabouts in the park; it's safe to say we love the beautiful game. So when Enterprise-Rent-A-Car asked us to showcase our skills for the chance to win our way to the Quarter Final of the UEFA Europa League at Old Trafford... we were all over it.

To bag ourselves a couple tickets to the second-leg between Manchester United F.C. and R.S.C. Anderlecht we had to complete three tough skills challenges around Manchester before kick-off. If we could drive to the locations and prove our tekkers in 90 minutes, we'd be laughing.

First stop was the Enterprise branch. After a smiley member of staff had handed us the keys to our car and loaded the balls into the boot, it was off to the first challenge; The Projekt Works under the flyover. You'll have to see the film to find out how it went down but it's safe to say we nailed it and it wasn't long before Dixon was getting our next destination loaded into the sat nav.

Next up we were down in front of the stunning Manchester Cathedral. We had to be there for bang on 7 to start the next task and thankfully the traffic came through for us. The bells chimed and we got stuck in, finishing up in good time to make our way over to the final stage of the journey.

Arriving at Castlefield we were met with a large red staircase that boasted a view of the Beetham Tower and some of the old battlements. The name of the game here was control, something which we're both pretty confident in, having played for so long. Breezing through the first half of challenge number three we quickly had to run over to the canal for what turned out to be the trickiest part of the day. We weren't going to fall at the last hurdle though and before long it was in the bag.

The home straight was to get over to Old Trafford where an Enterprise employee would be waiting for us with our tickets. After a top class reverse manoeuvre into our own VIP reserved space I had us parked up and ready to see the match. Checking our watches we had a few minutes to find our seats, but a quick sprint down the corridors of Old Trafford meant we joined the booming crowd in time for kick-off.

What a journey. We got to see an awesome city in a plush little car and do what we love along the way. It got a bit close at points but sitting in those seats knowing we'd earned them was a great feeling. Cheers for the challenge Enterprise!

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