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Scotland�s largest city is famed for its architecture, music scene, rivalry between its two football clubs and the beautiful rolling hills surrounding its boundaries. Each of Glasgow�s neighbourhoods has a distinct character, so it�s hard to be bored wherever you are in the city. To cover the distances easily and venture outwards into the country, why not experience what Glasgow has to offer in an Enterprise rental car.

Glasgow Car Hire FAQs

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Travelling to Glasgow?

Wide Range Of Rental Cars

Our vehicle fleet spans over two million well-maintained cars, so no matter what your needs might be, your rental can be tailored to your requirements. Whether you’re after sports car hire to tackle the scenic routes, a nifty hatchback for short journeys around Glasgow or you’re looking to rent a minivan for a family trip, you can expect us to find you the perfect vehicle for experiencing Glasgow and the Scottish countryside. Our fleet features the latest models that are always cleaned, well-maintained and ready for whatever you may throw at it. If you have a specific preference in engines, we offer cars in diesel, petrol or hybrid configurations. We can also provide you rentals with automatic transmissions if you wish.

Do you have any other requirements? We offer add-ons on all of our rentals, so if you need help from a GPS system, child seats and boosters, or you will split the driving between you and another driver – we can work around your needs and make sure your rental plan is personalised to you. Get a quote on a reservation above, or visit our fleet page and see what kind of vehicle works best for your time in Glasgow.

Van Hire In Glasgow

If you are in need of extra cargo space for your stay in Glasgow, we provide vans in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are planning a house move, moving offices or you found the perfect piece of furniture, we will provide you with the perfect hire van. Our fleet has the latest van models, ranges from short wheelbase small vans to long wheelbase Luton vans. We don’t just offer cheap van hire, but also provide award-winning customer service. Book your hire above, or visit our van fleet page to see what’s available to you during your stay in Glasgow.

Cheap Car Hire In Glasgow

The 20 million happy customers, who book their hire cars with us annually, return for the good value for money rentals. Our loyalty program called Enterprise Plus is also a way to get good value on rental cars – thanks to redeemable points for every time you hire with us, we award you with free Enterprise rentals. For the cheapest rates on your rental using our prepay option, visit our website for the best deals.

Cheap Car Hire In Glasgow Airport

If you are looking for the cheapest car rentals at Glasgow International Airport, you can find us at our terminal branch where our staff will help find the best car for you. Our cars are usually kept a short walk away from the airport terminals, but when we are unable to provide that, some branches will offer free shuttle bus services to your rental.

We understand that flights can be outside of our normal business hours, so we offer flexibility on picking rentals up and on returning them. Once you know what time your flight arrives or departs, speak to one of our agents at the Glasgow airport branch and they will be able to supply all the information you need.

Things to do in Glasgow


Witness historic Scottish football rivalry

Tips for Driving in Glasgow

When driving around Glasgow and the surrounding area, there a few key things to remember:

  • Glasgow is well connected to other areas of Scotland. The M8 takes you to Edinburgh, if you want to venture north towards Stirling you can travel on the M80 and by taking the M77 you can visit the Western Coast of Ayrshire by taking the M77.
  • As in the rest of the UK, unless specified, the speed limits in Glasgow are as follows: 30mph for residential areas with certain zones signposted 20mph, 60mph for A and B single carriageways, and 70mph on dual carriageways and motorways.
  • There are no toll roads in Scotland, so you don’t have to keep spare change on-hand for anything other than petrol station snacks and coffee.
  • As the beautiful countryside is home to farm and wild animals, anticipate and lower speed when in wooded areas where deer warning signs are visible.
  • Some of the Scottish country roads are too narrow for two vehicles, so anticipate oncoming traffic on bends and where visibility is obstructed. Use safe passing places where possible and reduce speed accordingly
  • If you drive in the winter months, reduce your speed and use fog lights in the event of snowstorms.
  • To contact authorities in the event of an emergency, dial 999.

Our cars are ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) compliant, so when Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone rolls out to passenger cars, you don’t have to worry about the charges.