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Car & Van Hire in Middlesbrough

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As the town of Middlesbrough was only founded in 1830, it is relatively young when compared to nearby villages. However, there are certainly many attractions to enjoy in and around this North Yorkshire location. There are a number of architectural marvels that were in existence long before Middlesbrough was incorporated. Some prime examples here include Acklam Hall (1678) and the Middlesbrough Town Hall. More modern attractions, such as the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, attract visitors from across the United Kingdom as well as from international destinations. Transporter Bridge is another iconic landmark that has existed since 1911. The local offices of Enterprise Rent-A-Car are located on South Bank Road. They can be reached via the A66 motorway and are found quite close to Riverside Stadium. Although the closest railway terminal is Middlesbrough station, it is much more prudent to take the local bus services provided by Stagecoach and Arriva North East. Arriving in the early morning will help to avoid rush hour traffic.

Cheap Car and Van Rental in Middlesbrough

Those arriving in this town for business or pleasure will be pleased to learn that there is a large variety of vehicles available through Enterprise. Cost savings are also quite important, as these will quickly add up. Confirming a reservation online will offer highly competitive rates and naturally, booking well in advance of a departure date will further guarantee that all prices are suited to the individual’s budget.

Middlesbrough Van Hire

There are many times when a reliable van is required to transport goods or products from one location to another. For example, anyone moving flats will often choose a small or medium-sized van. Larger projects, such as transporting furniture or relocating office, may be better addressed with extra-large models or the Luton vans provided by Enterprise. Learn more about Enterprise van hire.

A Wide Range of Vehicles to Hire

Flexibility has always been one of the most defining qualities with regard to Enterprise services. The range of quality cars currently available provides customers with a second-to-none sense of adaptability. Smaller units, such as minis and compact vehicles, are used for personal transportation purposes, while four-door sedans can be excellent options when travelling to and from nearby airports. More demanding requirements, such as a business outing or a family reunion, will often benefit from the line of SUVs and people carriers that can be reserved directly through the website.

Driving Information in Middlesbrough

Notwithstanding the A66 motorway, other major thoroughfares include the A19 (northerly and southerly directions), the A171 and the A174. Middlesbrough railway station provides services to Arriva North East and Stagecoach trains. Those who are arriving here by coach can choose National Express or Mega bus, as they prefer.