Local Car and Van Hire in Blackpool

Blackpool might not win any awards for its sunshine, but it certainly gets an “A” for its unconventional culture and vibrancy. Each September, the town's promenade turns into an extravaganza, with neon lighting all the way up the coast's five-mile stretch, until November. Blackpool has its own amusement and water parks, which will entertain adults and children alike. Once you've picked up your Enterprise Rent-A-Car vehicle in Vicarage Lane, visit the Victorian North Pier for free rides, or watch a 4D movie at Blackpool Tower. There are bus stops all along Vicarage Lane on Haws side, and the branch is a mere two kilometres from Blackpool International Airport. Fans of the sinister will love the dungeon exhibit beneath Blackpool Tower, but if you're a dancer, the rococo ballroom should not be missed. Sandcastle Waterpark is an indoor complex, so Blackpool's less than welcoming climate won't keep you away from the slides. The park's cabana has its own private lounge and hot tub. None can say they've truly experienced Blackpool unless they have visited some of its famous pubs. Take Irish dance lessons at the traditional river dance pub, Shenanigans, but don't forget your designated driver. Catch a burlesque or cabaret show at Funny Girls, or enjoy live music at Roxy's.

Cheap Car and Van Rental in Blackpool

Blackpool should be enjoyed with as much freedom as you can manage, and Enterprise's already budget-friendly prices can be brought down even further by choosing prepaid or online bookings. Car hire is the only way to enjoy Blackpool at your leisure and precisely to your preferences. Enterprise offers a range of fuel-efficient vans and cars, so your running costs will be as low as your rental fees.

Blackpool Van Hire

Enterprise keeps a full fleet of exceptionally maintained and roomy vans. When you're taking a family road trip or are in town for business, a commercial van has all the space you need. Enterprise also offers large Mercedes and Renault vans, and vehicles with tail-lifts if you have heavy cargo to take with you. Learn more about Enterprise van hire .

A Wide Range of Vehicles to Hire

Enterprise keeps a fleet of vehicles to suit every driving personality and need. If you love zipping around the city in an exotic car, they have all the iconic brands, from Bentley to Porche. If business sedans are more your style, choose one of the larger vehicles. Small compact vehicles are available, too, along with premium convertibles, people carriers and SUVs. If you need economy above all else, the Enterprise fleet of cars will suit you best.

Driving Information in Blackpool

Blackpool's M6 is prone to congestion during peak hour, particularly when roadworks are in progress, so take Hoyle or Birkdale Avenue if you're in a hurry. Parking is a little more complicated because on-street facilities have different restrictions at different times and locations. Parking laws in the town centre change throughout the day, and vans of 13 seats or less can use these bays. Most parking has display charges and signs to guide drivers. Alternatively, trains and tubes run throughout the region, with stations in the north and south.