When planes and trains won't cut it, you can travel to Europe in comfort and style with European Travel Coverage.

You can now rent a vehicle from any Enterprise branch in the UK and drive to France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands and many more - 24/7 international breakdown cover through the AA included. Please see terms & conditions below for a comprehensive list of countries. 

How to book:

Please follow these 2 steps:

1) Book your rental car as normal either by using the reservation form below, or by calling 0800 800 227.

2) Contact your rental branch at least 72 hours before the rental to arrange the mandatory VE form that is needed in order to take the vehicle abroad. You can use our branch finder to find the relevant contact details.

Please note, the driver is responsible for any additional equipment that may be compulsory for driving abroad.

With our Complete Clean Pledge and options for contactless and low-touch, kerbside rentals, we have you covered to get to Europe with confidence. 

European Travel Coverage Charges:

1-13 days £125
14-20 days £175
21-28 days £250


Terms and Conditions

Customers who collect a vehicle from the UK mainland and wish to drive within the Republic of Ireland or mainland Europe are required to purchase European Travel Coverage. European Travel Coverage provides the customers with our written consent (VE103B form) to drive the vehicle in the countries stated below and to access 24/7 international breakdown cover through the AA. 
In all cases, customers must inform the rental branch of their intention to leave the UK mainland with the vehicle and require our authorisation. Customers are required to inform the rental branch with no less than 72 hours’ notice prior to collecting the vehicle to arrange their European Travel Coverage. 
European Travel Coverage is only available to customers paying with a Credit Card and the vehicle must only be used in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UK. This includes the destination and any countries customers might travel through. Premium, Luxury and Executive vehicles are excluded from the European Travel Coverage product and are therefore not allowed to leave the country. 
Additional charges apply for European Travel Coverage: £125 (1-13 Days), £175 (14-20 Days), £250 (21-28 Days). Please note that we are unable to provide any additional equipment that may be compulsory for driving abroad (e.g. breathalysers, warning triangles, first aid kits etc.) and this responsibility rests on the driver. Customers are therefore required to be aware of any requirements for your destination and any countries/regions you might travel through. A list of requirements is available from websites such as the AA at: 
Advice on driving in Europe following the United Kingdom leaving the European Union may be found at