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Surrogate Drivers

If you do not hold a driving licence because of a disability, you can still rent with Enterprise using our surrogate driver option at no additional cost.

We understand that not all customers with disabilities hold a driving licence. That’s why we offer a surrogate driver alternative at no additional cost. This means that you can still rent with Enterprise if you are accompanied with a driver who presents a valid licence and meets the minimum age restriction. The surrogate driver will not need to produce a credit card or be required to meet our financial underwriting requirements. 

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“I was so happy when I learned about Enterprise’s arrangement with Lynx portable hand controls. By simply renting a vehicle on their website and forwarding my booking details to Lynx, I was guaranteed – at no extra cost – that the car would be ready for me with hand controls fitted within 48 hours.”

Karen Darke, MBE

Team GB Paralympian, Karen Darke, shares her experience renting with Enterprise. 

Karen Darke