Best of both worlds

Enterprise Rent-A-Car NHL sponsorship

Enterprise Rent-A-Car NHL sponsorship


UK car hire with US customer service

Brad is an over-enthusiastic American and Dave is a stiff-upper-lipped Brit, and together they work at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The US is famous for its class-leading customer service, so Brad comes to the UK to show Dave how it's done. Dave is always polite and helpful, but Brad's enthusiasm is infectious and Dave finds himself having more fun on the forecourt than he'd expected. 

They may not always understand each other very well, but what this campaign from Enterprise Rent-A-Car shows is that when it comes to customer service and car hire, the Brad and Dave combination works beautifully.

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Strange Place

When you’re in a strange place, you need a familiar face. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has branches all over the globe so you get the same excellent customer service wherever you are. U.K. and global car hire with U.S. customer service.

No Matter What

Running a marathon? Going to the races? Burning a Guy on a bonfire? No matter what you decide to do this weekend, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a vehicle for you.


With Enterprise Rent-A-Car it doesn’t matter what your plans are for the weekend, Enterprise has a vehicle for you. It’s U.K. car hire, with U.S. customer service.


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