Hourly Van Hire

Enterprise offers hourly van hire through Enterprise Car Club, a membership plan that gives you 24/7 self-serve access to vans and cars parked in dedicated bays in many UK cities. 

The Car Club app allows you to unlock the car or van of your choice in the street and hire it by the hour or day. So, if you regularly need a car or van for a couple of hours, you should consider joining our hourly-rental street-car/van club.  

What Size Van Do You Need?

You don't need any special licence to hire a van, but you must be 22+ for hourly van rental with Car Club


Total seats:2
Will fit a washing machine or dishwasher, armchair or up to 13 medium boxes.


Total seats: 3
Move a small room or up to 26 boxes. Perfect for moving a student to/from Uni.


Total seats: 3
up to 11.3m3
A good choice for moving a 1-bed flat or bedsit, or up to 45 medium boxes.

How much does it cost for hourly van rental on demand?

Join from £2/month

Membership starts from £2 - £7 per month (or £20-£60 /year) depending on your location.

Rent from £3.28/hr*

The cost of each trip starts from £3.28/hr. This will differ based on your vehicle choice, the length of your trip, the location and the mileage.

* Based on a UK 24/hr rental average on the standard plan as at 08/01/2024, excluding mileage

Maximum Day Rate

The app will give you an estimate before you confirm your booking and costs are capped at a day rate.

Paying for Fuel

The cost of fuel is already covered in the mileage fee. So if you need to fill up this won’t be an extra cost - simply use the fuel card in the car for free.

Join today for rental that’s right up your street