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What you get from a standard diesel car hire

With a standard diesel from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, you will be hiring a vehicle which has the same specification as the petrol model of the same car, but with the advantages a diesel engine gives. If you are planning to cover some mileage in a car with a very robust engine and the advantages a higher torque provides, then a standard diesel will suit your requirements. Your vehicle will be a saloon or similar, which may have features similar to a hatchback. It will be large enough to accommodate 5 in comfort, plus a reasonable amount of luggage. Access will be through four doors. When driven sensibly, these engines should give you miles per gallon in excess of 60. The suspensions on these cars are more than capable of taking bumps in their stride, which helps to ensure a comfortable ride. Cabs and dashboard design will be appropriate to this class of car. Trims will be moulded plastic, nicely finished. These are spacious cars with plenty of head and leg room, even when sitting in the rear behind a tall driver.

Having an Adventure with a Standard Diesel

If you are looking for a diesel engine car, you will find that a vehicle from the standard range will provide all you need, whatever your requirements. These cars come into their own on long journeys when you will definitely make a saving on fuel costs. Suppose its annual holiday time with the family and you want to leave your own vehicle at home or at the ferry port and take out standard diesel hire in France once you have crossed the Channel. Because Enterprise has branches close to all the major ports, this will be easy for you to arrange. There will be plenty of room for the family to travel in comfort too and, with the addition of a tow bar a diesel will tow a trailer tent without difficulty. Maybe you are visiting France on business and need to visit many different places, covering hundreds of miles. A standard diesel is a great car for long excursions with an engine that really can take the strain of driving hundreds of miles on consecutive days. Enterprise are specialists in car hire; their highly trained industry professionals are on hand to advise you and ensure you drive away in a car that is right for you. You will get a great price too.

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