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Monospace car hire

Never heard of a monospace vehicle? Cars are built in two and three-box designs – the three being engine, passenger space and boot. A monospace is simply a one-box design; for example, a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), where some of the features of a three and two-box design have been let go to provide more interior space. When travelling with five people, a monospace five passenger, four-door model is the ideal choice, particularly for family motoring, to which they are particularly suited. True, you aren’t going to burn up the tarmac in a monospace, that’s not what these versatile vehicles are about, but versatility and comfort are what makes them a popular choice among customers of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The suspension on a monospace is particularly good, which makes for a very smooth ride, and the car doesn’t roll on corners either, taking any bumps in its stride, with a negligible impact on passengers. You get sleek interior trim, made from high-quality materials, lots of legroom and comfortable seats with supportive, adjustable headrests, while some models are equipped with electronically controlled footrests. These are comfortable cars; make no mistake about it.

A great family and group Vehicle

Family holidays in the south of France where you are almost guaranteed to get plenty of sun are very popular. However, not everyone wants to take their own vehicle on the ferry and then drive hundreds of miles south. So, why not wait and take advantage of Enterprise's monospace passenger car hire in France itself? Child seats fit easily onto all seats, the amount of space makes it a less claustrophobic ride than many smaller cars, and there is plenty of room for luggage. Monospace vehicles are also good for transporting the less mobile, as the lower chassis means it is generally less of a climb into the seating area, something always made easier on four-door models. Whether you are taking elderly parents away for the weekend or running them to an appointment, you will find you have made a popular choice with a monospace.

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