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Economy diesel car hire

Whether for more miles per gallon, the greater torque which facilitates minimum engine run-over in stationary traffic, or faster start from still, economy is likely to be a primary reason behind your choice of a diesel car. While you will be hiring a small car, its suspension will make sure you get a comfortable ride, even over a long distance. The cabs are roomy enough for 4 adults and the driver’s seat will adjust for height with plenty of leg room for taller drivers. The steering wheel is also likely to adjust for height and reach. Interiors are nicely finished with modern materials and design values, and rear seats on some models fold down to create more boot size, although boots will easily accommodate the family shop.

A car fit for many occasions

Fuel-efficiency is a common reason for hiring an economy diesel, but it isn’t always the overriding factor; some people just like the driving experience a diesel gives them. You might be looking for a stand-in for your own small diesel while it is off the road. Or, perhaps you are going on a long road trip and despite the amount of wear and tear these small diesels can take, don’t want to put your own motor through it and have decided to hire instead. Perhaps you are travelling in Europe on your own version of the Grand Tour and need to hire a car in different places from time to time. Enterprise has branches all over Europe, so you won’t need to look very hard to find diesel car hire in France, Germany, Italy or Spain, amongst other countries. Even for weekends away in Britain for you and your significant other, an economy diesel is a great way to travel and reduce the overall cost of your trip. Plus, diesels take both town and motorway driving in their stride. Take a look at the Enterprise website and get a very competitive deal on economy diesel hire.

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