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Hiring a compact STW estate car

If you want to combine the convenience and sporty performance of a hatchback with the extra space offered by an estate car, the compact STW estate is for you. Compact STW estate cars boast a roomy, estate car-style boot, making it easier to load and carry luggage. There's space for three full-size suitcases, or whatever combination of bags and cases you're taking on your adventure. With spacious seats for up to five people, a compact STW estate is the ideal choice for families with older children, or groups of adults travelling together. If you're travelling with a baby or a pet, a compact STW estate allows more room for these little passengers and all their accessories. A compact STW estate has a smart, professional appearance suitable for business trips, as well as plenty of room to store equipment and a smart suit for your meeting or conference. When you hire a compact STW estate from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, you can be sure of getting great handling, plenty of space for luggage and passengers, and excellent value for money.

Why hire a compact STW estate car

With all the sports touring capabilities suggested by its name, the compact STW estate allows you to tackle longer journeys with confidence, but is equally at home around town. A shorter wheelbase and more compact body help you negotiate the narrow roads, tight corners and small parking spaces typical of city life. Once on the open road, however, you'll appreciate the smooth, quiet ride offered by an estate-style chassis. The extra legroom and luggage space also make this the perfect vehicle for long distance touring. The smaller engines found in compact STW estate cars make them more economical than a larger estate, giving you the increased fuel efficiency that makes a great deal of difference on longer journeys. As well as eating up the miles, a compact STW estate has the performance to let you enjoy them, whether you're driving straight down the motorway or exploring France's many scenic major and minor roads. Compact STW car hire in France is a great choice if you want the freedom to explore this country's great variety of scenery and roads, while travelling in comfort.

  • Passengers
  • 5
  • Bags
  • 3

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