Car & Van Hire in Krakow

Enterprise car hire locations in Krakow

Krakow is the second largest city in Poland. A car rental in Krakow is highly advisable for visitors to the city, as it offers travellers the most convenient method to get around. Situated on the banks of the attractive Vistula River, Krakow is often regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. It's also a seat of learning, home to Jagiellonian University, one of the world's oldest and most established universities, which still continues to teach thousands of students every year. Much of the Old Town of Krakow was rebuilt after the Second World War, but the city still looks very much like it did before that time. Indeed, the city centre forms part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Krakow has plenty of parklands and a good network of roads, which makes travelling the city by car a breeze. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a convenient branch located downtown in Krakow's city centre.

Our Vehicles for Hire in Krakow

There are many car rental options in Krakow. Thanks to the friendly team at Enterprise, all types and classes of vehicles can be hired with ease. Mini class and small compact cars are available, which are ideal for solo travellers and couples. Families may be better suited with an intermediate or full-size saloon, or if they're looking to travel in style, Enterprise also offers a range of premium cars. For bigger groups and extended families, why not consider a roomy and spacious people carrier?

At the Airport

John Paul II Krakow-Balice International Airport is situated outside the city's main ring road, to the west. As such, a car hire in Krakow is highly recommended for anyone arriving by air. To enter the city from its southern side, take the A4 in an eastward direction. To enter from the north, pick up the S52 link road and head to route 7. The drive from the airport to Krakow's city centre takes around 30-minutes. The Enterprise airport branch opens early at 8 am, seven days a week.

Attractions in Krakow

Krakow's Cloth Hall is an attraction that is not to be missed. With some remarkable Renaissance architecture, the hall is currently used to house an art gallery. It is amongst the highlights of Old Town. Saint Mary's Basilica is another fine old building that welcomes many tourists every year. There are very few finer examples of the Gothic style within all of Poland. For holidaymakers with children in their party, Krakow Zoo makes an excellent choice. It is only about a five-mile drive from the city centre, situated in one of the city's larger parks. On the other side of the city is GoJump, a trampoline park that is great for expending some energy.

Cheap Car Hire in Krakow

Car hires need to be a cost-effective option for all travellers to the city. Thanks to the Enterprise team in Krakow, low prices are on offer for all sorts of visitors. One of the best ways of achieving the lowest possible price is to obtain a hire quote prior to your arrival in Poland. By booking your car rental online and in advance, you'll often receive a much better hiring rate than those who rent on the spot, shortly upon their arrival in Krakow. What's more, you can find exceptional deals and promotions online, such as special weekend offers, which are ideal for those visiting for a short stay, or those seeking a car hire for just a couple days, so they can take a special day trip outside of the city.

Places to Visit Outside Krakow

A forty-minute drive from central Krakow along the A4 is Wieliczka, a pretty village that offers a real peek at what life is like in rural Poland. The settlement is associated with wellness, and there are a number of smart spas to enjoy. A 90-minute journey along the E77, heading north of the city, will take you to Jedrzejow. The place has a small lake with a pleasant sandy beach, plus a few restaurants and bars. Another destination that's a bit closer to the city is Tyniec. It is a beautiful village on the Vistula, with a remarkable old monastery that you can explore.

Parking and Traffic Information in Krakow

For convenient parking in the city, head to the underground facility in Old Town. On-street parking is available, which you can pay for in twenty-minute or one-hour slots, but overall, it's relatively inexpensive. Avoid streets that are designated as 'Zone A', as these areas are for emergency vehicles and pedestrians only. There's another large car park available on Aleja Mickiewicza Avenue, situated in front of the National Museum's main branch.