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A settlement has stood where Cherbourg does today since the Middle Ages, although the place has shed its skin and redefined itself countless times over the centuries. Once a modest village reliant on fishing and basic skills, Cherbourg could never quite measure up to the larger port settlements commercially due to it being set away from other large towns or cities on the French mainland. However, today it's a sprawling city that stands alongside other major coastal cities to serve as an important part of the cross-Channel ferry port network. With regular connections to the English ports of Portsmouth and Poole, not to mention St Helier in Jersey and Rosslare Harbour in Ireland, this booming port has an eclectic economy, with shipbuilding still a firm fixture along the docks. The gateway to the Cotentin peninsula and the Normandy region at large, there's plenty to experience here, so car hire hire package from Enterprise makes perfect sense, with branches conveniently located at Cherbourg Train Station and Cherbourg Ferry Terminal.

Our Vehicles for Hire in Cherbourg

Cherbourg is a city on the rise and its star has been climbing steadily for decades. As such, there's many a reason why an Enterprise customer might be visiting this port town, which is why they'll find an amazing range of vehicles for them to pick from. For simple city tours and runabout requirements, reliable cars from quality manufacturers are the way to go. For families and larger groups with more than five people, Enterprise also offers a selection of people carriers to save visitors the hassle of having to split up between multiple vehicles. What's more with so much ground to cover, some customers may want a vehicle that delivers, even when the road is demanding. At Enterprise, SUVs from the most trusted manufacturers in the business can also be hired.

Cheap Car and Van Hire in Cherbourg

For those seeking freedom and flexibility during their stay in Cherbourg, Enterprise rental vehicles are the perfect solution. This beautiful part of Normandy combines stunning sea views, an eclectic assortment of towns and villages, along with a diverse landscape that's calling out to be explored properly. Those looking to make a saving on rental cars are also well served with Enterprise, with exclusive discounts when you book online, not to mention even higher savings if you opt for prepayment ahead of your departure date. What's more, Enterprise's fuel-efficient vehicles mean it costs less to keep the engine running, helping the pennies stretch even further.

Airport Car Hire

This port city has one local airport serving it, Cherbourg Maupertus Airport. This airport doesn't offer an Enterprise branch, however, this airport is a one-runway is largely reserved for charter flights and historically has only tended to fly to and from destinations like Paris and Jersey. Located only 18 kilometres away from the centre of Cherbourg itself, driving times from the airport to the heart of town rarely take longer than 15 minutes when taking the D901 as a primary route.

Attractions in Cherbourg

Cherbourg car hire allows visitors to truly get out and explore what's on offer in this thriving French city. In addition to some of the biggest festivals and annual events in Normandy, Cherbourg is host to countless tourist attractions with plenty to keep visitors busy throughout the duration of their stay. Tourists can shop for souvenirs and fresh produce at the Place du Gaulle before zipping over to the Cherbourg Marina for the perfect picnic lunch. If there's still time to spare before the sun goes down, a detour to the Pont Tournant for a boat trip on the Adèle is in order, granting visitors a unique perspective on this extraordinary corner of the Cotentin peninsula.

Places to Visit Outside Cherbourg

With a Cherbourg car rental from Enterprise, visitors to this idyllic French peninsula have the freedom to venture further afield and soak in the spectacular scenery and cultural highlights that surround this picturesque port city. With a reliable vehicle at your disposal, it's easy to trace the coastline and marvel at the dramatic Cotentin cliffs, while the sprawling moorland is ideal lazy late-afternoon hikes. For those keen to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while, driving a little further onto the Saire Valley unveils a cluster of more than 30 small towns and villages, each with their own distinct character. All can be explored with a reliable vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Parking and Traffic Information in Cherbourg

Driving in Cherbourg can be a pleasure thanks to an excellent inter-city road network and convenient exits onto the motorway for trips further afield. Drivers new to the mainland should, of course, bear in mind that in France, you drive on the other side of the road and slightly more complex speed limits are imposed. When it comes to parking, however, things are incredibly straightforward. There's an abundance of free parking spaces here, particularly along streets like l'Abbaye, although these spots are only free for a few hours. Those looking to leave their car or longer have a choice of car park stays, usually ranging from 4-8 hours at car parks near attractions like Notre-Dame and la Trinité, as well as Napoleon.