Enterprise Travel Direct

Enterprise Travel Direct


Travel decisions made by your employees impact your business efficiency and profitability. But, educating your drivers about how to make sensible decisions is time consuming and difficult to measure and enforce. 

It’s one of the main reasons that so many companies waste money on vehicles that rarely get used; pay more per mile for each business journey; and allow habit and convenience to outweigh operational efficiency. 

That’s where Enterprise Travel Direct comes in.


We’ve developed Enterprise Travel Direct (ETD) to help organisations of all sizes manage employee mobility more effectively. It’s an intelligent decision tool that helps drivers select the right transport option for each journey.

It works by using predefined rules - based on each customer’s travel policy - and directing employees to the most appropriate method of transport based on cost, compliance and convenience. When a selection is made, users are connected to the relevant booking tool or management procedure. 

ETD manages the decision-making process and collects information about journeys taken to provide companies with greater transparency, control and accountability over rental vehicles. It ensures travel policies are practical, enforceable and aligned to corporate objectives. And, if policies change, these can be adapted in ETD.



Every organisation is different and has different needs. ETD works by using decision-making algorithms, developed, tested and agreed in advance. 

The two elements that drive the algorithm are driver requirements and decision factors. 

Driver requirements:

  • Usage: is it for people or goods?
  • Duration: how long and how far?
  • Timing: when and how often?
  • Location: where do I need to access the vehicle?

Decision Factors

  • Cost: How much will this and subsequent journeys cost?
  • Convenience: Will it be easy and practical to gain access to the required vehicle?
  • Compliance: How can I effectively manage my travel policy, and reduce risks?

By looking at these together, ETD allows your company to balance your driver’s requirements, with the priorities of the company.The programme will automatically recommend the most efficient methods of travel that fit your business travel policies, taking the stress out of travel management.

ETD demonstrates how Enterprise is committed to working in the best interests of our customers. We’ll continue to develop and adapt our technology, prioritising transparency, while balancing the economic, social and environmental objectives of every customer.

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