Enterprise Plus Terms & Conditions


Member Qualifications

Membership in the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus program ("Program") operated by Enterprise Rent-A-Car is available to individuals (not businesses, corporations or other entities) who are at least twenty-one (21) years old that complete one of the following three enrollment methods to enroll as an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus member (each a 'Member"):

  1. Over the Web: Visit the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website (hereinafter an "Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website"), click the "Join Now" link, read and then accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking the "I Agree" button and complete the "Create Your Account" form.
  2. Over the Telephone: Contact Loyalty Member Services to enroll over the telephone; and then go to an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website to create an online password by clicking the "Create Your Password" link; and then read and accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking the "I Agree" button.
  3. Go to a Branch: 
    • Open an account through a branch agent at any Enterprise Rent-A-Car location in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Ireland, Germany or France; and then go to an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website to by clicking the "Create Your Password" link; and then read and accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking the "I Agree" button.
    • Open an account through the kiosk at an Enterprise Rent-A-Car location in the US by clicking the "Sign Me Up" button, completing the profile account forms, reading and then accepting the Terms and Conditions by clicking the "I Agree" button.

Members must provide their full name and date of birth to participate in the Program. Full name is defined as the given name (first name), and family or surname (last name). The Member's full name must be identical to the full name on the Member's driver's license.

Members may not maintain more than one Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus account. Only one individual may be enrolled per Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus account. In the event more than one account number is assigned to the same individual, the duplicate account may be terminated, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus Points, Qualifying Rentals and Qualifying Rental Days (see definitions below), may be transferred to the remaining account (excluding any enrollment or other bonuses that can only be earned a single time per member as specified in promotion terms and conditions).

Generally, membership in the Programme ("Membership") commences on the date the Member completes any of the enrolment methods ("Enrolment Date") and remains in effect until the Member terminates enrolment in the Programme (which can be done at any time) unless Enterprise Rent-A-Car terminates a Membership earlier because of a material violation of these terms and conditions, material violation of any car hire contract between the Member and Enterprise Rent-A-Car, an unpaid balance due more than ninety (90) days for outstanding car hires, fraudulent activity or an account becoming inactive for more than thirty-six (36) months. Termination of a Membership is effective upon providing notice to the terminated Member using the methods described below.

In case of a termination, the points earned shall remain valid for the time period governed in Section "Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus Points". Points relating to a rental car reservation placed prior to the effective date of a termination will be added to the Member's account and will expire as governed in Section "Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus Points".

Member Account & Activity Information

Members may log in to an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website at any time to view and manage their account activity, account balance, and profile information by linking to the "My Account" page.

Member Number

Members will receive an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus Membership number ("Member Number") upon successful enrollment, which is personal to the Member and may not be used for rentals by any individual, corporation or entity other than the Member. The Member Number must be applied to all rental activity for it to be tracked toward program benefits and awards described herein.

Credit Card Information

Members are not required to provide credit card information to enrol in the Programme, but may do so as a convenience provided that the name and address for the credit card match the information provided by the Member during enrolment. If Members choose to furnish credit card information to Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Members: (a) represent that they are the individual whose name appears on the card or that they are the authorised user of the card; (b) direct Enterprise Rent-A-Car to store all such information in accordance with the applicable Enterprise Rent-A-Car Privacy Policy; and (c) authorise and instruct Enterprise Rent-A-Car to charge any car hire charges incurred by the Member to that credit card. Member credit card information will pre-populate at the time of car hire. For their protection, Members will still need to show their credit card at the counter for validation.

Member Communications

By participating in the Program, Members agree to communicate with Enterprise Rent-A-Car using electronic means. Members are required to keep the electronic mail address provided to Enterprise Rent-A-Car up-to-date. For this purpose, Members can update their electronic mail address on the "My Account" page on an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website. Electronic communications may be delivered to the last electronic mail address on file with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. All communications in electronic format will be considered to be "in writing" and to have been received no later than five (5) business days after dissemination. Enterprise Rent-A-Car reserves the right to provide communications in paper format, using the Member's most recent address on file with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Members expressly agree that any notice due under the terms of the Program, including any notices required by applicable law as a result of Member providing any debit card information to Enterprise Rent-A-Car, may be given in email form to the email address provided by the Member and on file with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Without limiting anything contained herein, Member expressly agrees that it is the Member's sole responsibility to keep his or her email address current and up-to-date and that Enterprise Rent-A-Car may reasonably assume that any email sent by Enterprise Rent-A-Car to the email address on file will be received by the Member. Regardless of any language contained in any email, consent to receive program and transactional communications electronically will continue to be valid until the Member revokes consent by terminating Membership in the Program except that Members may choose at any time to opt-in and opt-out of receiving electronic communications that contain marketing messages.

Qualifying Rentals and Rental Days

"Qualifying Rentals" must meet the following conditions:

  1. "Paid Rentals": An Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand rental during which the Member has paid time and mileage (base) charges for one or more rental day. A rental with one or more Free Rental Days ("Free Rental Days") will count as a Qualified Rental as long as there is a minimum of one paid rental day.
  2. A paid rental made with our Drive Alliance Partner National Car Rental in the fifty (50) U.S. States or Canada using an Emerald Club number that has the Member's Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus account number listed as the frequent travel program preference on the Emerald Club profile.
  3. A rental that has a valid Member Number applied to it at time of reservation, regardless of booking channel. The full name on the member profile must match the full name on the primary driver's license on the rental agreement. For Qualifying Rentals that are not associated with a Member Number, Members may request retroactive credit for up to six (6) months from rental return date.

"Qualifying Rental Days" are paid rental days associated with a Qualifying Rental. When points are redeemed for a Free Rental Day (See Section "Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus Points", below), it does not count as a Qualifying Rental Day. For example, a four-day rental consisting of two paid rental days and two Free Rental Days will count as one Qualifying Rental and two Qualifying Rental Days.

Qualifying Rentals and Qualifying Rental Days do not include the following types of rentals:

  1. Insurance replacement rentals; dealer replacement, body shop or fleet replacement rentals.
  2. Rentals that were included as part of a tour or travel package.
  3. Pre-paid rentals that were booked through a third party, including (but not limited to) third-party online travel agents (OTAs).
  4. Discounted rentals by employees of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Holdings, Inc. and any of its parent company, subsidiaries, and affiliates and their family members or friends who are eligible to receive an employee discount.

Membership Tiers

Members can attain their membership tier level based upon the number of Qualifying Rentals within a calendar year. Members can also attain Gold and Platinum membership tier levels based upon Qualifying Rental Days within a calendar year. Extra hours or partial day charges (hourly rates) will not count toward Qualifying Rental Days. Membership tier levels are determined as follows:

Membership Tier Level Qualifying Rentals Qualifying Rental Days
Plus 1-5 -
Silver 6-11 -
Gold 12-23 40-84
Platinum 24+ 85+

Rentals from January 1 through the applicable Member's Enrollment Date will count toward the Member's Qualifying Rentals and Qualifying Rental Days for the calendar year in which a new Member enrolls, even though a Member Number was not included in the reservation. Upon enrollment, only rentals with an associated Member Number will qualify toward membership tier levels.

Membership tier levels will be adjusted throughout each calendar year based upon Qualifying Rentals and Qualifying Rental Days posted to the Member account with a rental return date within that calendar year. As Members qualify for a new membership tier level, Enterprise Rent-A-Car will send a new membership card and program overview materials to the Member based on the higher membership tier level. Around February of each year, Enterprise Rent-A-Car will send new membership materials to Members whose qualifying rental activity in the prior calendar year was insufficient to maintain their membership tier level.

Members will have access to special members-only check-in at participating Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations, primarily located at major airports.

Upon qualifying for an elite membership tier level (i.e., Silver, Gold or Platinum tier), a Member will be eligible for the corresponding membership tier level benefits through February of the year following the qualifying calendar year. For example, a Member who qualifies for Gold on October 1 will receive benefits through February of the following calendar year, plus an additional 12 months, for a total of 17 months.

Additional benefits for Silver, Gold and Platinum membership tier levels are as follows:

Enterprise Plus Benefit Description
Free Car-Class Upgrade Certificates Per Program Year At the start of each program year (March), or upon achieving a higher membership tier level, Members will be sent certificates for Space-Available One-Car-Class Upgrades (up to a Full-size vehicle) valid on paid rentals at all participating Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations and redeemable at the counter:
  • Silver: 1 per program year
  • Gold: 2 per program year
  • Platinum: 4 per program year
Dedicated Phone Number For Expedited Service Each elite tier will have access to its own exclusive phone number to provide expedited service.

Enterprise Plus Points

Members must first activate their ability to earn Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus Points ("Activate Points") by creating a password for their account online.

  • Members who enroll through a branch agent or on the phone with Loyalty Member Services, may visit an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website, click on "Create password" on the home page, enter their Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus member number, driver's license number and choose a password; then click Continue.
  • Members who enrol on an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website or Kiosk by completing the "Create Your Account" form create a password and activate their account as part of the online enrolment process.

The date of activation is referred to as the Member's "Activation Date".

Upon activation, Members will earn one (1) point for every qualifying U.S. dollar ("USD") spent on a Qualifying Rental with a rental return date on or after the Activation Date. For rentals outside the United States, the currency will be converted into USD at the time of rental return, utilizing the Bloomberg Foreign Exchange Cross Rates, which can be accessed at http://www.bloomberg.com/markets/currencies/cross-rates/. Qualifying Rentals returned after enrollment and prior to the Member's Activation Date will not earn Points but will count as Qualifying Rentals good toward elite membership tier level.

"Qualifying U.S. Dollars Spent" is defined as time and mileage (base) rate, paid upgrades, and additional add-ons (such as GPS, ski racks, car racks), less any discounts or credits; and excludes all taxes and surcharges, vehicle license fees, airport-related fees, insurance costs, fuel purchase option, and refueling. Points will be rounded up to the nearest USD.

Silver, Gold and Platinum members will earn additional points on Qualifying Rentals as follows:

  • Silver Members: 10% Points Bonus
  • Gold Members: 15% Points Bonus
  • Platinum Members: 20% Points Bonus

Points will not be earned for Qualifying Rentals tied to corporate IDs for corporate accounts that do not allow employees to earn currency associated with reward programs.

When a Member earns one (1) or more points for a Qualifying Rental, it will keep their points balance intact for the next thirty-six (36) months. Thereafter, the points balance will be forfeited.

Members may transfer between 500 and 7,500 points, in increments of 500, to another Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus Member. A maximum of one transfer per calendar year from an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus account and a maximum of one transfer per calendar year into an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus account are allowed. To be eligible to receive a points transfer, the recipient Member's account must be activated prior to the transfer. Points transferred will assume the expiration date associated with any points balance in the recipient's Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus account or three (3) months from date of transfer, whichever is greater. This date may be extended 36 months as long as the Member earns one (1) or more points for a Qualifying Rental prior to the date occurring.

Free Rental Days; Restrictions

Members may only redeem Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus Points for Free Days at participating locations in the 50 US States, Canada and Puerto Rico, and participating locations in the European Union booked on an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website. For a current list of locations in the European Union, please go to www.enterpriseplus.ie. Free Days may not be redeemed for the following types of car hire: (a) one-way car hire where the pick-up and return location are not the same; (b) insurance replacement car hire; dealer replacement, body repair shop or fleet replacement car hire; (c) tour or travel packages; (d) prepaid car hire booked through internet sites other than an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website; (e) discounted car hire by employees of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Holdings, Inc. or its parent company, subsidiaries or affiliates, or their family members or friends who are eligible to receive an employee discount.

There may be times when an Enterprise Rent-A-Car location requires a Member to call for availability. In these circumstances, Free Days may not be redeemed, since they must be redeemed through an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website. Free Days may not be redeemed for car hire booked through Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reservations, Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch locations, travel agencies or any other booking channel other than an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website.
Points may be redeemed for up to seven (7) Free Rental Days. Points required for each Free Rental Day will vary depending on the combination of the rental pickup location, car class and time period.

Free Day Awards apply to time and mileage (base) rate only. In the EEA and Switzerland, Free Day Awards may apply to inclusive products quoted at time of reservation. Free Days are non-transferable. Use of Free Days does not exclude members from (i) extra hourly or excess mileage charges; (ii) taxes, assessments, use fees or other governmentally imposed, authorised or permitted surcharges or pass-throughs; (iii) licence recoupment fees, airport fees and concession recoupment fees; (iv) service charges and fees; (v) vehicle licence recovery fees; (vi) damage waiver, the cost of optional insurance products, fuel charges, optional upgrades, under-age driver's fees, infant seats or other optional items. Payment for each of these items shall be the sole responsibility of the Member.

The value of a Free Rental Day will vary by rental. To calculate the value of the Free Rental Day, Enterprise Rent-A-Car will determine the average daily base rate by taking the largest time period calculation as part of the Qualifying Rental and dividing it by the number of rental days in that time period. For example, for a two-day rental with a daily rate of $36.00 and an extra hourly charge of $12, the total base rate for the rental is ($36.00 X 2) + $12 = $84.00 / 2 days = $42; therefore, $42 will be credited for one Free Rental Day. For a six-day rental, the member will receive a weekly rate. If the weekly base rate is $250, the average daily rate is calculated as $250 / 6 days = $41.67, which will be credited for one Free Rental Day.

Members may determine how many points are required to redeem for each Award by visiting an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website and clicking on Redeem Points and entering rental pickup and return dates and times and pickup location, and then selecting a vehicle.

Points will automatically be deducted from a Member's account upon completion of a redemption request.

At any time prior to rental pickup date, Members may choose to modify or cancel the redemption rental reservation on an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website. For cancellations prior to the rental pickup date, points will automatically be re-deposited into the Member's account. For modifications, depending on the change, points will be automatically added or deducted from the Member's account. If a modified redemption rental requires additional points, and the Member does not have sufficient points to complete the new reservations (based on points already redeemed for the reservation plus any additional points balance), the Member will have the option to maintain the existing reservation with no changes, cancel the reservation, or modify the reservation for a rental redemption that is eligible based on the Member's existing points balance.

For redemption rentals that were not picked up prior to the rental pickup date (a "no-show"), points will not be automatically re-deposited. Instead, if a Member was a no-show for a rental, the Member must visit an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Website, My Account and then Account Activity to request a re-deposit for the unused redemption rental within 6 months from the rental pick-up date. Members that fail to request a re-deposit within such 6 month period shall forfeit such points and waive any claim in connection with such forfeiture.

General Program Terms and Conditions

The terms and benefits of the Program will change and evolve over time. Member will be given reasonable notice of any material changes and, if applicable, will be given a reasonable opportunity to use any accrued benefits and to terminate their membership in the Program, subject to any applicable laws. The Program is void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Enterprise Plus," "Enterprise" and all associated trademarks, logos and service marks, along with the contents, structure and features of the Programme, are the exclusive property of EAN Services, LLC, its parent company and affiliates (and various third-party partners), and nothing contained in the Programme Terms and Conditions or by member's enrolment or participation in the Programme should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any licence, interest or right in or to any of the foregoing.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, if Member resides in a participating country outside the EEA and Switzerland, including the United States and Canada, the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus Terms and Conditions are entered into between Member and EAN Services, LLC, 600 Corporate Park Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63105. For Members who reside in participating countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus Terms and Conditions are entered into between Members enrolling in Enterprise Rent-A-Car Plus and EAN Data Services UK Limited, Enterprise Rent-A-Car House, Melburne Park, Vicarage Road, Surrey, Egham TW20 9JY, which is the data controller for all legal purposes (Both EAN Data Services UK Limited and EAN Services, LLC, in their respective capacities, are hereinafter collectively referred to as "Enterprise") "Enterprise" means Enterprise Rent-A-Car Holdings, Inc, whose usual place of business is at 600 Corporate Park Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63105 and who can be contacted at https://enterprise.custhelp.com/app/ask.

All information provided by Member whether as a result of enrolling in or otherwise in connection with the Programme is subject to the privacy policies of: EAN Data Services UK Limited, for Members residing in the EEA and Switzerland; and EAN Services, LLC, for all other Members. These are available at www.enterprise.com and (for Members resident in Canada) at www.enterprise.ca (the "Privacy Policies"). EAN Services, LLC or, in the case of Members residing in the EEA or Switzerland, EAN Data Services UK Limited. These companies reserve the right to amend either or both of the Privacy Policies from time to time. In the event of a change to a Privacy Policy, Members shall be notified in the manner set forth in the applicable Privacy Policy. If a Member disagrees with any of the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy, the Member may cancel his/her enrolment in the Programme at any time. For the purposes of Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, EAN Data Services UK Limited is the data controller for Members who are residents in the EEA and Switzerland.