5 + 2 Seater People Carriers to Hire

Vauxhall Zafira Tourer or similar

Vauxhall Zafira Tourer

5 + 2 -Seater Details

5-seater people-carrier car hire

How do you fit 7 people in a 5-seater people-carrier? Come to Enterprise Rent-A-Car and find out. You will get a 5-seater with two additional fold down seats in the rear. Your car will have five doors for ease of accessibility. Engine size in this class usually begins at a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine, all though larger diesel engines may be available. You can expect somewhere in the mid-fifties for petrol consumption, with diesel models performing in excess of that. Five seaters are still relatively small for a people carrier, although you will find there is sufficient space for what you need. They are light to steer with a decent suspension, so you get a comfortable ride, and engine and road noise has been nicely isolated from the cab. Your car will come with a touch-screen information system, DAB radio, USB points and cruise control, although features may differ from model to model. All the rear seats fold down to create more space for luggage. Should every seat be occupied and you require additional luggage space, you may want to consider adding a roof rack, which Enterprise can hire to you.

A highly flexible car

Larger families or people who transport parents and other relatives on a regular basis often need a car that can be as flexible as they are. Five-seater people carriers fit that description nicely. They are small enough to still resemble a saloon car rather than a van and yet there is no question that they are capable of carrying more people than a car and in greater comfort. Not every family needs the additional seating. Suppose your partner, yourself and two teenage children are tripping off on a camping holiday: you have the four seats you require, plus lots of space for rucksacks and other camping equipment. These 5 seaters are great for hiring at the airport for your onward journey. Again you can adapt the interior to suit your needs and add a roof rack if necessary. Enterprise has branches at all major airports in the UK, so what could be more convenient than getting off your flight and stepping into the hire car you have arranged to be ready by booking online in advance?

  • Passengers
  • 7
  • Bags
  • 2

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