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Gothenburg Airport is located in Landvetter. This is Sweden's second-largest airport, and it has connections across Europe. When you land, you can find Enterprise Rent-A-Car at the airport itself. We suggest that you book your car in advance for a stress-free start to your holiday.

What to do and see in Landvetter

Landvetter is part of the larger Gothenburg area. This seaside city is the second largest in Sweden and has a range of attractions for the whole family. If you're travelling with the kids – or if you're a big kid at heart – you can't miss the Liseberg amusement park. This is one of the most popular theme parks in Sweden, with rides for the whole family. There are gentle rides for the little ones, as well as death-defying rollercoasters and thrill rides. If the thought of a rollercoaster makes you dizzy, just take a stroll through the park's landscaped gardens instead.

Skansen Kronan, a 17th-century fortress, is one of the most impressive sights in Gothenburg. Over the years, this intimidating building has served a number of different purposes, including a prison and a museum. During its years as a defensive fortress, it was never attacked. Today, it is privately owned and is used as a venue for events, but it's still worth climbing the hill to enjoy the views from its grounds. This is one of the best places to see the city skyline and the tiny islands beyond.

Gothenburg is known for its archipelago. Less than an hour from the city centre, the islands feel like an entirely different world. Dotted with small, picturesque fishing villages and with huge granite cliffs, they offer visitors a chance to see a more traditional side of Swedish life. Be sure to stop in one of the villages for lunch. Naturally, seafood is the speciality here, with oysters being a particularly popular choice.

Car rental in Landvetter lets you explore the area, getting out of the city to discover smaller towns and villages. Floda is an excellent spot for a day trip. This little village is ideal for hikers, as you can enjoy a relaxing 8-km circuit of the Sävelången lake. While here, take advantage of the chance to visit the neighbouring village of Nääs, home to an impressive castle. The castle today houses a museum with a particular emphasis on the traditional crafts of the area.

A great day trip for families is Trollhättan. With car or van rental in Gothenburg, you can see this charming city of canals for yourself. In the middle of the river is an island with mini-golf, a little forest to explore and several green parks. There are also several riverside trails to walk.

Driving in Landvetter

Gothenburg does not have major traffic, thanks to its congestion charge. You will want to consult a map to check the congestion charge area before beginning your trip. It's important to keep in mind that cars passing the city are charged, even if they do not enter. Gothenburg's congestion charge varies according to the time of day. It is free at night, from 18:30 until 05:59, then peaks at rush hour. The most expensive times to drive are from 07:00 to 07:59 and again from 15:30 to 16:59. Be sure to consult the table of congestion fees before you start driving, as the price changes significantly during the course of the day, and the windows for each particular price can be very short, sometimes only half an hour.

There is no congestion charge in Gothenburg at weekends or during the month of July. There is also a daily limit in place, so if you pass the zone's boundary stations several times in one day, you will only be charged a certain amount.

You can keep up to date with traffic in Gothenburg by downloading the Trafikgoteburg app. It is in Swedish, but it features maps that will not require any language skill to interpret.

Gothenburg has a number of options for parking, including on-street parking and large garages. Parking meters are all identified with the word "TAXA". Whether you are parking on the street or in a garage, you can always pay with a debit or credit card. Some parking meters also accept cash, but this is not standard.

When driving in Sweden, you will generally find that the roads are well-maintained and in excellent condition. When driving along the coast or in rural areas, don't be surprised if you have the road to yourself. There are often long, empty distances between cities. Carry a paper copy of any maps you might need, as you are likely to lose your mobile signal when far from a city or town. You are legally obliged to keep your headlights on at all times of the day. This rule is in effect all year round and on all roads.

If you are visiting between 1 December and 31 March, winter tyres are mandatory. You should also be prepared to drive through snowy roads, as this is largely inevitable in the Swedish winter. Drivers are advised to carry antifreeze and a shovel, particularly if they will be going on a road trip that takes them far from cities. In the early spring, be prepared to find some roads closed due to melting snow.

Car and van hire in Sweden with Enterprise

Enterprise Sweden offers a range of car and van hire services including one-way, long-term and short-term vehicle hire. Commercial clients can speak to our award-winning business rental team who will tailor a mobility solution for your needs and budget.

We are part of the Enterprise group, the largest transportation solutions provider in the world. Our global network covers more than 90 countries and over 9,500 locations, allowing us to serve your mobility needs, wherever you’re going.

We are committed to providing the best service possible and exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality and value.

Car hire in Landvetter

If you are travelling with your family or in a big group, you may find a 7-seater or a people carrier will give you more space to travel comfortably with your luggage. For a city trip, a handy hatchback that’s easy to park may suit you better. For business trips or long drives an executive car will combine comfort and performance.

Whether you prefer automatic to manual transmission, no problem. If you want a petrol, diesel or hybrid engine, we’ve got you covered. You may also need GPS, a child seat or want to add another driver to the contract, let us know and we’ll arrange it for you.

Van hire in Landvetter

Should you need to hire a van while you’re in Landvetter, all our vans can be driven on a standard licence and are modern, clean and easy to drive. Just ask and one of our branch team will happily show you around your hire van to make sure you are comfortable with it before you head off.