Car & Van Hire in Mawaleh

Enterprise car hire locations in Mawaleh

Muscat International Airport is on the edges of Mawaleh. When you land, you'll be able to get your vehicle from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car booth. Your adventure starts here!

What to do and see in Mawaleh

Use Mawaleh as your base to explore the city of Muscat. The capital of Oman is known for its beautiful architecture and for the stunning nature nearby. Whether you're planning to go hiking in the mighty Al Hajar Mountains or you want to immerse yourself in Arabic culture, this is the place to be.

Start your adventure at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. The incredibly intricate designs inside the mosque are beautiful at any time of day, but the exterior is at its best at sunset. As the sun goes down, its rays cause the dome to light up, looking like it is glowing from within. It's a remarkable, powerful sight that shouldn't be missed. The interior is dazzling, too. Remember that this is a working mosque. Visiting hours are restricted, and you cannot enter when prayers are in session. Women must cover their hair, and both men and women will need to cover their knees and shoulders. You will have to remove your shoes before walking on the carpets inside.

For more culture, visit the Bait Al Zubair Museum. This is an excellent way to learn about the history of Oman in particular, and the Arabian Peninsula in general. There are fascinating old treasures, costumes, jewellery and weapons on display. There's even a full-scale reconstruction of a traditional Omani village, complete with soukh, for you to explore.

Use car hire in Mawaleh to explore the Al Hajar Mountains. Oman is a country of outstanding natural beauty, and these rugged, majestic peaks are one of the highlights. Visit Wadi Shab, an incredible turquoise oasis surrounded by mountains, or take a trip to the Wadi Bani Khalid River. You'll be surprised at what's waiting for you. With its palm trees and lush vegetation, this river will make you feel like you've stepped into a tropical Caribbean paradise.

Car or van hire in Mawaleh will also let you see some of the finest beaches in the area. Top of the list is Shatti Al Qurum, with golden sand and clear, refreshing water. You can easily spend a day chilling out on the beach. If you get bored of the sun and sand, then wander down to the old fort that stands right on the shoreline, a real hotspot for exploring. There are also plenty of shorefront restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine. Indulge in a treat like mushaltat, a flatbread stuffed with honey, meat, cheese or spinach, or just nibble on a handful of flavour-packed dates.

Driving in Mawaleh

Driving in and around Oman is generally pretty easy. The roads are modern and well-maintained, and there are always alternative routes to help you avoid traffic jams. The only time you're likely to run into problems is if you are driving in the old town. Here, the roads are narrower than they are elsewhere. Traffic tends to build up, particularly on the busy streets around the soukh and the fish market.

There is plentiful free parking around Oman. For example, the Grand Mosque has an extremely large car park, where you will always find a space. Beaches, isolated ruins and other attractions usually have their own free car park. These are often on uneven terrain, with unmarked spaces. You may have more problems finding a parking space at an attraction at the weekend, as locals often like to get out of the city. Remember that the weekend in Oman is from Friday to Saturday.

If you want to spend your time driving in the mountains, a 4WD is a good idea. It's not strictly essential for every route, but many mountain roads are very steep. Some roads have limited access, and only 4WD vehicles are allowed to enter. These usually have checkpoints, and guards will stop you from continuing.

A 4WD is also useful if you plan to drive in the desert. The main highways that link Oman's cities are sealed and do not present problems, but there are some unsealed roads. Desert road trips are generally only recommended for experienced, confident drivers. You will need to check the weather forecast in advance, as flash floods are a seasonal problem that can present a real hazard. If you do find yourself caught in adverse weather conditions, remain calm. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to drive on a flooded road. Follow the guidance of local authorities. If a road is closed, use an alternative route.

When you are outside the city, watch out for animals on the roads. Camels, goats and donkeys are frequent sights. They don't fear cars and won't usually get out of the way for you, so you're usually better off waiting for them to pass rather than trying to hurry them on. Sadly, you will often find stray dogs at the side of the road, too. It's best to leave them alone, as rabies is a serious threat in this part of the world.
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Car and van hire in Oman with Enterprise

Enterprise Oman offers a range of car and van hire services including one-way, long-term and short-term vehicle hire. Commercial clients can speak to our award-winning business rental team who will tailor a mobility solution for your needs and budget.

We are part of the Enterprise group, the largest transportation solutions provider in the world. Our global network covers more than 90 countries and over 9,500 locations, allowing us to serve your mobility needs, wherever you’re going.

We are committed to providing the best service possible and exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality and value.

Car hire in Mawaleh

If you are travelling with your family or in a big group, you may find a 7-seater or a people carrier will give you more space to travel comfortably with your luggage. For a city trip, a handy hatchback that’s easy to park may suit you better. For business trips or long drives an executive car will combine comfort and performance.

Whether you prefer automatic to manual transmission, no problem. If you want a petrol, diesel or hybrid engine, we’ve got you covered. You may also need GPS, a child seat or want to add another driver to the contract, let us know and we’ll arrange it for you.

Van hire in Mawaleh

Should you need to hire a van while you’re in Mawaleh, all our vans can be driven on a standard licence and are modern, clean and easy to drive. Just ask and one of our branch team will happily show you around your hire van to make sure you are comfortable with it before you head off.