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Known as ‘the Wee County’, Louth is a located in the Leinster province in Ireland. What this county lacks in size, it makes up for in population numbers, being the most densely populated county in the province. Boasting a rich and mystical history, Louth offers the tourist and traveller a lot to discover. Indeed, Louth is also the county in which the Corrs family grew up, so music lovers will certainly enjoy exploring the region. For newcomers to Ireland as well as those passing through, hiring a car for the duration of your stay is the ideal way to optimise your time here and explore all that this small, yet appealing county has to offer.

Our Vehicles For Hire In Louth

Enterprise has branches in over 350 British locations, and this includes the beautiful Irish county of Louth, in the wonderful historic town of Drogheda. Our branches boast a wide range of vehicles to suit every need and every budget: from high-end premium cars to more modest but sturdy and reliable family cars, and everything in between. You do not even need to worry about returning your rental to its original location; you can arrange to drop off the vehicle at any of our other destinations, whichever is most convenient for you and your family.

Attractions In Louth

Once you have sorted out your vehicle, Louth has a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. Drogheda is one of Ireland's oldest towns, having been established as a settlement by at least 911 A.D. It is practically at sea level, with an elevation of between one metre and 23 metres. The town is home to a host of Neolithic settlements and artefacts, some of which may be visited, but all of which speak to the length of time that man has been calling this particular spot home. The area is also known locally as being the home of one of the seven brothers of Irish origin myth. Some of the particular points of interest include:

Millmount Museum – Just over the river Boyne, the Millmount Museum is located on a historical cross-section. Originally an artificial hillock, believed to be a burial mound but never excavated, the Normans built a sturdy castle in order to hold off their enemies for longer. Later, under English rule, a Martello tower was built, to which was attached an army barracks. Part of this barracks now forms the building that houses the museum, which offers exhibits as diverse as ancient kitchen equipment and magnificent military banners. Close by, the charmingly named Buttergate offers a glimpse of old but sturdy and carefully constructed architecture.

Carlingford Heritage Centre – The heritage centre is housed in the Holy Trinity Church, but the history of the town encompasses everything from Viking raids (for which the town is believed to be named) to English knights claiming a small part of green and tranquil Ireland as their very own. The centre offers a comprehensive overview of the fascinating history of the town, going back to the 12th century and beyond.

A plethora of restaurants – The Irish are known to be fond of a drink, but they are becoming better known as foodies in recent times. This is backed up by the wonderful array of restaurants, eateries and cafes to be found in County Louth!

Places To Visit Outside Louth

Once you have explored nearby, spread your wings and get your rented car on the road. Ireland is an astonishingly beautiful country with magnificent features, such as Northern Ireland's Giant's Causeway, and exquisite scenery and views. The whole population of Ireland is about half that of London: just over four million, compared to more than eight million Londoners. This means that Ireland can afford to be a little slower, a little more welcoming and a lot more visitor-friendly! You would be silly not to make the most of it and explore Ireland as widely as possible!

Airport Car Hire

The nearest airport to Louth is Dublin airport. There is a bus shuttle which runs flight passengers to Louth, though travellers can book their car hire in advance and pick up their vehicle from the Enterprise branch in Dublin airport, or choose to arrange for a vehicle at our airport desk.

Parking And Traffic Information In Louth

Louth has a number of city-centre car parks, many of them free. Overall, finding a spot shouldn't be too much trouble, but peak times can be challenging anywhere. Being only a town, the traffic in Louth is efficiently managed and delays are rare.

Cheap Van And Car Hire

With rental branches across the county, Enterprise offers cheap car hire from convenient, accessible locations. Our large fleet of new vehicles includes great value economy and compact cars, sporty SUVs and spacious people carriers. Whether you need a vehicle for a single day or longer, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has the perfect car to suit your needs. Book online from our Louth branch to guarantee your choice of vehicle at the best possible price.

Moving house or just moving furniture? Enterprise has you covered with a range of vans from our Louth branch. From smaller passenger vans to larger commercial vans, book online from our van hire page to reserve your perfect vehicle at an unbeatable price.