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Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Trip

With its unique ubiquity of culture, nature, and history, Greece offers virtually limitless holiday opportunities. You can create itineraries with activities varying from deep culture dives to outdoor beach-hopping marathons, or combine them all for an extended, fun-packed trip. Enterprise's wide-ranging modern fleet can accommodate many travel constellations. For instance, if you are heading out on a sunny family holiday across the Peloponnese, with its charming towns and less-commercialised coastlines, a roomy SUV or 7-seater will lend extra comfort and class to your escapades. If you're in a metropolitan kind of mood, you can buzz through Thessaloniki and Athens in an agile, efficient compact car that can blend into traffic and snugly fit into the tiniest parking spaces.

At the Airport

With Enterprise, you can get off the plane and directly hop into a stylish rental car at many Greek airports, such as Athens Airport, Chania Airport, Thessaloniki Airport, Rhodes Airport, Kalamata Airport, and Kos International Airport, to name just a few major ones. All of Enterprise's airport branches are conveniently located in proximity to the arrivals terminal, and their friendly and competent staff will help make your pick-up process smooth and pleasant. Be sure to ask for local tips and expert advice, as Enterprise's employees are always happy to oblige!

Cheap Car Hire in Greece

The quality and reliability that Enterprise stands for come at attractive prices as well. To get the best quotes, take the time to browse their online catalogue ahead of your arrival in Greece. This way, you can make use of their great weekend rates and other special offers, so you can enjoy the modern, comfortable, exciting car of your choice at the most competitive price. On the other hand, if you decide to be spontaneous and pick up a car on-the-spot, the friendly Enterprise staff will help you choose a model that's most appropriate for your needs at the best possible price.

Exploring Greece

There is no shortage of places to see in the sprawling Mediterranean paradise of Greece. You can start your cultural exploration in Athens, and then buzz across the city to visit the Acropolis and explore its breathtaking ancient ruins. Immerse yourself in the charming and historic neighbourhood of Plaka, or take some time to marvel at the Arch of Hadrian. When you're tired of the big city, drive along the coastline for a memorable, sun-kissed day trip. From Central Macedonia to Thrace, Greece's history, nature, and hospitality blend into a uniquely welcoming mix that beckons avid travellers to go further.

Knowing the Driving Rules in Greece

Greece's rules of the road are in harmony with the rest of Europe. The signage is mostly visual and self-explanatory, with English translations available when necessary. In the city, speed limits are 50 km/h, 100 km/h outside, and up to 120 km/h on highways unless posted otherwise. Be sure to strictly obey driving rules because the fines are salty! The driving culture in Greece is typically Mediterranean.

Enterprise Services

Enterprise is the world's largest car rental company, and their power and experience show it well. For your trip to Greece, Enterprise's award-winning customer service will ensure you hire the right vehicle to suit your itinerary, as well as provide any extras you might need, such as child seats or GPS systems. Enterprise also offers special services, such as one-way rentals and free pick-ups.

Hungary Car Hire Locations

Hungary has long been a destination for tourists from across Europe, and it's becoming increasingly more popular with visitors from further afield. Eclectic architecture, beautiful natural landscapes, and unique cultural attractions make Hungary a dream destination for a relaxing getaway. Though it's filled with tourist attractions, its significant economic prowess makes it an important destination for business travellers as well. No matter what's the reason for heading to Hungary, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is on hand to provide visitors with a convenient way to get around on their own schedule. Enterprise offers a wide range of vehicles to accommodate the specific requirements of drivers and the journey they have planned. Enterprise provides straightforward car hire booking at affordable prices, convenient vehicle pick-ups, and a useful range of add-ons that can help ensure every trip is hassle-free and as comfortable as possible.

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