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Enterprise car hire locations in Tourcoing

Tourcoing is a city in the department of Nord in northern France and was one of the sites where the French Revolutionary Wars took place. In 1794, France gained victory over the combined troops from England and Austria in the Battle of Tourcoing. The town’s proximity to Lille gives it a vibrant atmosphere that makes it easy to let loose and enjoy the contemporary charm. You can get a vehicle and arrange tours to different parts of the city and beyond. The beauty of a rental car when going on road trips is that you can interact with locals as you stop for directions or recommendations on the best places to eat. The car hire office that Enterprise has in Tourcoing gives you a chance to plan a self-drive tour at your convenience; just ask our local staff for any tips!

Our Vehicles For Hire In Tourcoing

Our fleet of modern and fuel-efficient vehicles Enterprise has people carriers in its fleet that are perfect for anyone carrying a lot of luggage. With a people carrier, you can bundle in seven to nine people, depending on the model you choose. Alternatively, you can pick a van if you need to transport some bulky items. For car choices, there is a broad selection that includes minis, compacts and coupes. There are SUVs as well, should you be planning to hit some mountain roads on your travels or simply want to sit higher up in a car.

Cheap Car And Van Hire In Tourcoing

With rental branches across the county, Enterprise offers cheap car hire from convenient, accessible locations. Our large fleet of new vehicles includes great value economy and compact cars, sporty SUVs and spacious people carriers. Whether you need a vehicle for a single day or longer, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has the perfect car to suit your needs. Book online from our Tourcoing branch to guarantee your choice of vehicle at the best possible price.

Moving house or just moving furniture? Enterprise has you covered with a range of vans from our Tourcoing branch. From smaller passenger vans to larger commercial vans, book online from our Tourcoing van hire page to reserve your perfect vehicle at an unbeatable price.

Airport Car Hire

Lille Airport serves Tourcoing and the surrounding communes. With the Enterprise car rental Tourcoing office, you can fly in and then drive to any part of the town. It will take about 15 minutes to cover the 14.7km from Lille to Tourcoing.

Attractions In Tourcoing

Tourcoing is filled with historic buildings that give you plenty to see and do during your stay in the city. Start with St. Christopher’s Church, which towers above the Tourcoing skyline in all its neo-Gothic splendour. For a look at the history of photography in the region, the Nadar gallery is the place to be. Hospice de Havre is another must-see for any art lover, with its numerous exhibitions, readings and performances. The Museum Carillon, the Guy Chatiliez Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts Tourcoing are other interesting places you can tour. For a quiet adventure that involves reconnecting with nature, the Botanical Garden is the best choice. Its combination of fruit, vegetable and wisteria plants gives it a relaxing and charming appeal. Make the most of your trip by heading into the little villages as well.

Places To Visit Outside Tourcoing

Lille is the nearest town that you can explore. Get a glimpse of its ancient architecture by stopping at the open square of La Grand Place, where you will find the phenomenal Vieille Bourse. It is comprised of 24 identical houses, all tastefully decorated. Visit the markets in Lille for fascinating souvenir and art pieces.

Parking And Traffic Information In Tourcoing

The A22 serves Tourcoing with well-established links, such as the D639, D9, D51, D77 and D112, which provide access to the interior. The town centre has sufficient parking spaces for private and public vehicles, with the pay-and-display system present in a majority of them. Street parking may be limited, though, so get the necessary details about reservations when making your booking.