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In 2012, a poll in the French newspaper l'Express voted Rennes, the capital of Brittany, the most liveable city in France. The city was built on elevated ground and has been a city of importance since medieval times, when it first became a garrison. The rural exodus of the post-Second World War years accelerated the city's development, as new accommodation was built to house the growing population. Today, car manufacturing and technology, particularly digital technology, along with the money generated by the 70,000 students who attend the city's university, contribute hugely to the local economy. Rennes has an oceanic climate, with summer temperatures seldom falling below the mid-70s Fahrenheit, and winter temperatures remaining in the 40s. Rennes is fortunate in not getting nearly as much rainfall as its neighbours to the west, who are closer to the sea. Popular food in the area includes galette, crepes, seafood and shellfish. For details of Enterprise Car Hire in Rennes, follow the link.

Our Vehicles For Hire In Rennes

The cars available from Enterprise begin with small, three-door hatchbacks to accommodate four passengers and provide great fuel economy; manufacturers include Toyota and Vauxhall. A step-up to a four-door car and a five-passenger vehicle provides so much more flexibility, without engine sizes becoming too big. Of course, for those special occasions or maybe just because you can, Enterprise has some amazing Mercedes E-class motors and other premium vehicles. Whatever your motoring requirements, Enterprise will meet them. You may prefer an SUV to a standard car or need a people carrier due to the size of your travelling party. Enterprise has some particularly appealing people carriers.

Cheap Car And Van Hire In Rennes

Cheap car and van hire is a misnomer when referring to Enterprise. What Enterprise offer the customer is a comprehensive, fully inclusive, highly competitive deal. You get the best deals from Enterprise by booking and paying for your vehicle well in advance of the pick-up date. The website is the place to look for details of special deals, cars and vans available, etc. The interactive website allows you to book online; just commit your details to the booking form and submit it, Enterprise will do the rest.

Airport Car Hire

Once you know which airport you are travelling to, you can book a hire car. Having a hire car waiting for you when you land is a very effective way of completing your journey, and what is more, you can keep the vehicle for the rest of your stay. Rennes-Saint-Jaqueline Airport serves Rennes. It is a minor international airport four miles southwest of the city. Eight operators fly internal flights, in addition to flights to Spanish and UK destinations.

Attractions In Rennes

In 1720, fire engulfed the northern part of the city. Rebuilding work created a marked difference between the north and south that can still be seen in the city's architectural heritage today. Saint George's Palace and Gardens are worthy of a visit. Designed by Corbineau in 1670, the building is famous for its facade, which has 38 windows in two horizontal tiers. Renees Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul was completed in the mid-19th century. Built on the site of former churches going back to the sixth century, its stark exterior belies the sumptuous interior. Rennes has a fine arts museum and a museum charting the history of Brittany. Among the numerous gardens in the city, Thabor Park offers a wide variety of flora, including many different rose varieties.

Places To Visit Outside Rennes

A hire car from Enterprise enables you to get out of the city and explore. St.Malo is a walled city and port on the English Channel, 43 miles from Rennes. It is home to the Great Aquarium, the largest in France. For those visitors interested in naval history, the 14th-century Solidor Tower houses a nautical museum, with exhibits specifically relating to the rounding of Cape Horn. A 70-mile drive south will take you to the beautiful city of Nantes. Nantes has 122 historical monuments, so that alone makes it a must-visit destination. Saint-Etienne Chapel, dating from the fifth century and constructed close to a Roman cemetery, is a popular attraction.

Parking And Traffic Information In Rennes

Brittany has good roads and traffic congestion is a rarity. However, visitors should remember that many roads carry a toll, and in order to avoid creating a queue, should be prepared with change or a credit card. Road signs are frequent and clear. Heavy traffic is a feature of the city of Rennes, so drivers should take that into account, particularly at peak times. There are car parks in the centre, but getting to them means navigating around the pedestrian and bus-only areas and the one-way system. There are large car parks at metro stations just outside the city perimeter and they are free. Many choose to leave their cars there and use what would have been their parking fee for bus fare into the centre.