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Enterprise car hire locations in Alfortville

Alfortville is Paris' younger, more eclectic cousin. It's nestled on the Seine, three kilometres from Paris, but its position on the Michelin route is probably more relevant. If you prefer your trips to come with a delectable edge, this city has enough Michelin stars to decorate the Milky Way. As a family-friendly location, it'll keep you busy with its lineup of indoor play centres, museums and parks. Fun Academy and Paris Wakepark bring a natty flavour to your trip. If you're driving through, you'll find several Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches throughout Paris, from Chavilly Larue in the south to Clignancourt in the north.

Our Vehicles For Hire In Alfortville

If the mere experience of driving is as much of a treat as your destination, Enterprise's vehicles will add buckets of fun to your journey. Budget travellers can choose cheap car and van hire in Alfortville. People carriers have space for your entire family, with room to spare, while nature buffs can hit the country roads in an SUV.

Cheap Car And Van Hire In Alfortville

When you're in the driver's seat, the only limitation is the open road, which goes on forever. Tour buses and public transport place you in a tight-fitting schedule, and they're rarely economical. To make car hire easier on your pocket, Enterprise offers savings on prepaid rentals. Save more with an eco-friendly, fuel-efficient or hybrid car. All you need to do is book online. It doesn't get easier than that.

Airport Car Hire

If you're flying into Paris, you can arrange your Alfortville car hire at Paris Orly Airport This is the closest international airport, and it was once Paris' primary hub. Today it's a home base for Transavia, and it's held onto its premier brands. The building has prime shopping space and gourmet cuisine, but don't forget to take advantage of the duty-free store. You can treat your taste buds at one of several restaurants on floors 1 and 0, so don't fill up on airline food. If you haven't indulged in real French crepes yet, Lili Crepes will introduce you to your first experience. There can be no Paris shopping spree without haute couture, which you'll find at Dior, Burberry and Armani.

Attractions In Alfortville

Alfortville is dominated by Mother Nature's best work. Its many parks and hiking trails will put you in touch with the world around you. Its historical and architectural heritage is fascinating. The Notre Dame Church is a sterling example of this. Don't miss the suspension bridge, which was built in 1912. If you find anatomical oddities more interesting than flora, The Musee Fragonard hosts a collection of animal skeletons, dissections, and the flayed figures of the dark sculptor, Honore Fragonard. The Museum of Graphic Arts displays over 150,000 works, so allow plenty of hours for your tour.

Places To Visit Outside Alfortville

Car rental in Alfortville gives you access to nearby Paris, which has far more to offer than its clichéd sites might suggest. Reims and Rouen will give you a much-needed cultural contrast, and if you're a Van Gogh fan, Auvers-sur-Oise shouldn't be missed. Loire Valley and Dijon are a mere hour's drive away. These quaint regions are gastronomic marvels. Fodors called Loire Valley a fairy-tale realm, and there's no better way to describe it. You'll be transported into a wonderland of swans, frescoes and castles. If you're ambitious enough to travel outside France, then Switzerland, Belgium and the fashion capital, Milan, are on your doorstep.

Parking And Traffic Information In Alfortville

Alfortville's drivers stay on the right, which takes some getting used to, and left lanes are reserved for passing only. An international driver's license keeps you legal, but only manual stick shift licenses are applicable to manual cars. Your Enterprise office will verify the documents you need, so you needn't concern yourself with complex laws and the like. France requires you to carry a safety kit and breathalyser, which will be supplied with your rental. Alfortville has plenty of parking locations, so you needn't set aside time for trawling for that one final space. Most street parking must be paid for, so check your map for free lots before you leave.