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Aix-en-Provence, more commonly known simply as 'Aix', can be found in the south of France, some 30 kilometres north of Marseille. The city is almost two thousand years old and has seen a great deal of history in its lifetime, having been founded by Romans, lived in by Visigoths, plundered by Franks and Saxons, as well as invaded by Saracens and occupied by Charles Martel! With all those influences, it is no surprise that Aix-en-Provence has absorbed the best of all these cultures, as can be seen in the architecture and even the very layout of the urban areas. Aix is a great city to drive through, boasting wide roads and easy access to both historic and beautiful sights in the city and nearby. Enterprise Rent-a-Car is practically in the local train station.

Our Vehicles For Hire In Aix-En-Provence

Enterprise has a great range of vehicles to suit all needs, from family-friendly cars for big families or small, luxury sedans for successful businessmen or those wanting to make a splash, to budget vehicles for the economically aware. No matter your reason for visiting Aix, make sure you get where you are going, on time, in comfort and in style in an Enterprise vehicle. Vehicles range from compact minis to spacious SUVs, estate cars and minivans.

Cheap Car And Van Hire In Aix-En-Provence

Enterprise offers great rates on all types of vehicles so you don't have to be limited to public transport. Set yourself free on the open road and visit sites on your own schedule. All cars are chosen for their ful-efficiency, so the costs of filling up on petrol are kept to a minimum. To maximise your savings, book in advance online.

Airport Car Hire

If you are flying in, your nearest airport will be Marseille Airport, a mere 40-minute drive from Aix. Just over 30 kilometres to the south, Marseille lies on the coast, and is currently the capital of Provence; an honour formerly held by Aix-en-Provence itself. Arrange every detail of your holiday in advance by booking your car before you even leave the comfort of your home. There are two Enterprise branches in Marseille, the closest less than a mile away, actually in the airport grounds. An alternative is to catch a train or bus into Aix and visit the local Enterprise branch: lots of choices to suit your needs!

Attractions In Aix-En-Provence

For drivers on holiday in Aix, the Cours Mirabeau comes as a pleasant surprise. A wide avenue, lined with magnificent plane trees and boasting exquisite architecture and attractive fountains, it is sheer driving pleasure. Cezanne, the famous artist, is a former resident and his studio has been transformed into a fascinating museum. Aix offers a tourist city pass, which allows access to this museum, and many other attractions, for less: a great way to explore more of the city in your Aix-en-Provence car hire vehicle without breaking the bank.

Places To Visit Outside Aix-En-Provence

The countryside outside of Aix is full of tranquil valleys and sunshine-blessed vineyards (the latter are worth a visit if you can persuade your partner to do the driving for an afternoon!), but there are also some wilder areas, such as the Verdon Gorges, offering a dizzying two thousand foot drop – making it clear why it is called 'Europe's version of the Grand Canyon'. There are also chateaux and abbeys, almost without number, offering a rare touch of historic magnificence as you drive from place to place. Thoronet Abbey deserves a mention of its own, as does Chateau Ste Roseline (a name that will ring bells with author Dan Brown's fans – follow the mythical Rose Line yourself, all the way to Paris and beyond!).

Parking And Traffic Information In Aix-En-Provence

With one or two provisos, driving in Aix-en-Provence is a pleasure: wide roads, a more relaxed pace than can be found, for example, in Paris, and plentiful parking. Areas that are perhaps best explored on foot include the old city, which features tortuously twisty, cobbled streets that are better seen from a pedestrian point of view! But there is good parking nearby, so it will be a simple matter to arrive, explore and then return to your vehicle and leave again, without fuss. Parking meters are enforced, so do be sure to fill your pockets with euro coins, but the streets are clean and paying the odd pound or so for the pleasure is no real hardship. Avoid rush hour, if at all possible, leaving earlier or later than residential commuters to make sure that your driving in Aix remains stress-free. Car rental in Aix-en-Provence is the best way to see as much of this beautiful area without wasting any time, effort or money.