Switzerland Car & Van Hire

Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Trip

All of Enterprise's city branches offer an impressive range of vehicles, so you can easily choose a type that's most suited to your trip. A small saloon car is fine for a small family that wants to explore city attractions, but for long-distance driving, a powerful and roomy 4x4 or SUV is better suited for driving on rural roads. For touring with a small group, you can choose a 7-seat or 9-seat people carrier, or if you need to transport large items, Enterprise's city branches also offer a range of modern vans in various sizes.

At the Airport

In addition to Enterprise’s city branches, you can also find Enterprise branches prominently located in or near the arrivals terminals at Basel Airport, Geneva International Airport, and Zürich Airport. If you’re travelling to Switzerland and entering through one of its airports, hiring an Enterprise car upon arrival makes sense, as you can use it for the entire duration of your trip and entirely eliminate the need for public transport. At all of Enterprise's airport branches, you'll find friendly and helpful staff waiting to assist you with the process of picking up your car hire.

Cheap Car Hire in Switzerland

Enterprise keeps their vehicle hire rates as low as possible without compromising the quality of their vehicles or customer service. Their excellent policy is why Enterprise is the first choice for visitors seeking an affordable car rental in Switzerland. In addition, attractive online booking deals, weekend discounts, and a wide range of modern, well-maintained, fuel-efficient vehicles offer customers even more opportunities to save money. Enterprise's worldwide branches follow the same global policies, and Switzerland's branches are certainly no exception. Hire an Enterprise car or van in Switzerland and enjoy unbeatable value for money.

Exploring Switzerland

While everyone knows of Switzerland's spectacular alpine beauty and its many picturesque lakes, such as Lake Geneva, it’s not until after visiting the country, do travellers get to see Switzerland reveal an even deeper beauty. The great cities of Geneva and Zurich have many attractions, including great shopping, entertainment, and historic cultural attractions. Switzerland's many small towns and charming villages are also equally inviting. The village and municipality of Morcote, located on the banks of Lake Lugano, is one of many areas that offer high-quality hotel accommodations, excellent local and international cuisines, and modern leisure facilities.

Knowing the Driving Rules in Switzerland

Driving in Switzerland, like almost all European countries, is done on the right-hand side of the road. Traffic flow is generally well organised and strictly controlled, especially in towns and cities. Speed limits are prominently displayed, varying from 50 km/h in built-up areas to 100 km/h on motorways. They’re also strictly enforced with substantial fines for violations, which is one of the factors that helps keep Switzerland’s traffic flow orderly, making it a pleasant place for driving. The staff at Enterprise can also provide you with legally-required child seats if needed.

Enterprise Services

Enterprise is the world’s largest vehicle hire company, and as part of their unwavering commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, they offer a range of supplementary services. These include free pick-up services, as well as extra add-ons, such as child seats and GPS navigation system. One-way car hires can be very useful and convenient for visitors since it lets them return their Enterprise car to any of their convenient branches in Switzerland.

Car & Van Hire in Switzerland

Given its spectacular alpine scenery, picturesque villages, and vibrant modern cities, it’s no surprise that Switzerland is such a popular destination for visitors. There’s just so much to see and enjoy, which makes driving a car the most convenient way to experience the many delights the country has to offer. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has several branch locations in Switzerland that offer affordable, high-quality car rentals. You can find Enterprise car hire branches in Basel, Geneva, and Zürich, among other city locations as well. Whether you’re content to stay in one city and explore its many treasures or want to cover the length and breadth of the entire country, your Enterprise hire car will enable you to comfortably explore Switzerland at your leisure.