Replacement Vehicles


Whether you’re a manufacturer, dealership, lease provider or insurer, when your customer finds themselves off the road their biggest concern is how quickly they can continue with their day.  An unexpected disruption – whether it’s an accident, a vehicle breakdown, or an urgent repair – can cause significant disruption. 

On average, people have an accident once every eight years. In most cases this will be the first time they’ve had to call on your services, so making this a positive experience for them is important. That’s when you want to know that your customers are being looked after by a company with a  network that’s capable of meeting unique vehicle rental demands at short notice, around the clock.

In the UK, over 93% of the population is less than 10 miles from an Enterprise location. We’re there where your customers need us most. 


With Enterprise your customers benefit from:

  • Convenience – over 470 UK locations, 100 of which are open 7 days a week and 60  accessible between midnight and 6am.  And an on-street network of over 1,100 vehicles on demand 24/7.
  • Choice – from a small city car to a high-end luxury sports model, a panel van to an articulated lorry, our diverse fleet of over 100,000 vehicles means we can always supply the right vehicle when and where it’s needed.
  • Value – technology and processes that save time and remove inefficiency at every stage .
  • Responsiveness – our scale means we can easily cope with unexpected surges in demand.  During peak periods (such as bad weather events) we have the agility to increase capacity by as much as 10% in just 72 hours. 


We’re a business driven by customer service – we understand that a great customer experience is just as important as the replacement vehicle they receive and has the power to drive customer loyalty for your brand. 

Every situation that requires a replacement vehicle is different. Enterprise does more than simply fulfil a reservation. We train all our employees to look beyond minimum standards. In some cases, this might mean getting them into a replacement vehicle immediately, in others, it could be dropping a customer to a train station, so they can continue their journey, and delivering a replacement vehicle to their office later in the day.  Our commitment to delivering the highest standards of service, combined with 60 years of replacement vehicle expertise means that we are best placed to ensure your customers can continue with their day.


We have invested heavily in technology to ensure our rental durations match the time the customer’s vehicle is off the road.  This means, as the bill payer, you only pay for the time the vehicle is required.

We invest in improving every part of our service and have created innovative digital solutions to align the vehicle rental and repair process. We offer our customers direct access to our cloud based rental management systems to give them the information required to be in full control, so data only needs to be entered once.

This means you don’t end up renting a replacement vehicle for longer than required and your customers receive exactly what they need, for the period they need it – making the whole process more efficient for everyone.

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