The Enterprise Full Mobility Programme

"The Full Mobility Programme means we can continue to offer the service while only accessing vehicles when we need them, and therefore completely controlling the costs."

The Vella Group Case Study

The Vella Group has been able to adjust the use of courtesy cars directly in line with the fluctuating demand for repair through the Covid-19 lockdown. This is a result of using rental cars provided by Enterprise, as part of its Full Mobility Programme, only as and when customers have required them.

“There is no point having a fleet of cars sitting idle in the repair centres,” said the Vella Group MD Marc Holding. “We introduced the Full Mobility Programme over four years ago to help us become more efficient during a period of growth. It is now helping us to control costs at a time when demand has gone down dramatically because of the travel ban.

“Enterprise has enabled the Vella Group to adjust to the situation, literally on a day by day basis. We only pay for what we use, which provides a considerable saving, especially when compared to the many fixed costs repairers carry.” 

While the repair centres focus on the repair, Enterprise delivers mobility to customers and has modified its already rigorous cleaning procedures, based on local health authority guidelines. On top of vacuuming and general wipe-down cleaning, branches are using disinfectant to sanitise key areas between every rental.

The Vella Group originally adopted Enterprise’s Full Mobility Programme to unburden employees from the many laborious processes involved in managing an increasingly large fleet of courtesy vehicles. As a result, the Vella Group also saw a two-day reduction in ‘key to key’ times as the operation became more focused on customer service and repairs.


For further information please contact National Sales Manager, David Dickson at or 07976 529814