We're committed to fostering innovation, new vehicle technologies and sustainable solutions.

Our roadmap into the future

The impact of our neighbourhood network on the future of sustainable transit is most clearly seen among urban populations where car hire plays an increasingly important role.

Our commitment

We believe that by embracing, promoting and practicing sustainability, we benefit along with the environment. It’s about getting people involved. It's good for our people, our customers and our business.

Today's Enterprise Network

Our expertise in fleet management, paired with our commitment to sustainability, is a powerful combination. It's important that we address oue environmental impact as a business, as well as ensure our fleet relies more on renewable fuels. We offer the latest car models, which are more efficient, including electric and hybrid vehicles.

Did you know?

We recycle our used motor oil and filters.

Cleaner Shuttle Buses

We are the first major player in the car hire industry to shift our fleet of US airport shuttle buses to five per cent biodiesel. Our goal is to have our entire US fleet of shuttle buses running on cleaner fuel.


A 20/20 Vision

In 2010, we announced a commitment to reduce both our energy use and
costs by 20 per cent in five years. To date, electricity use has been
reduced by 16.5 per cent, and natural gas use has been reduced by 7.6
per cent.

Sustainable Solutions

Enterprise CarShare

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers car sharing as a natural extension of our rental programme and longtime focus on local service. Today, the service is available in 35 U.S. states, Canada and the U.K., and more than 130 college campuses. We also serve 40 dedicated government programs and 500 business accounts across the U.S.


We operate car-sharing programmes across more than 130 college
campuses, public sector organisations and business hubs worldwide.



We operate car-sharing programmes across college campuses, public sector organisations and business hubs worldwide.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Institute for Renewable Fuels

We know that development of new energy sources will help sustain the environment for future generations. Cars will continue to be an important part of mobility in the future. So, developing sustainable transporation solutions matter to us. Our commitment to a fuel-efficient fleet includes investing in the alternative fuels and the clean technologies of tomorrow.

Learn more about Fuels Research


In 2013, the Enterprise Holdings Foundation established an endowment
for sustainable energy research at the University of Missouri.



Investment to the Donald Danforth Center, to create the Enterprise
Rent-a-Car Institute for Renewable Fuels – working towards the
advancement of alternative fuels and the clean technologies of tomorrow.

Clouds in the sky

A Smaller Footprint

Every year, Enterprise Rent-A-Car reduces its carbon footprint.

Forest of trees

The 50 Million Tree Pledge

Partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation and the US Forest Service,
Enterprise Rent-A-Car has pledged to plant 50 million trees in 50 years.
To date we've planted more than 9 million trees and helped to support
80 reforestation projects across 15 US states and 4 countries, which
includes working with the UK's Woodland Trust and Germany's SDW
association for the protection of forests and woodland.

Airplane in the sky

Sustainable Construction

We are working to ensure that all newly constructed rental locations are efficient and sustainable.

"Managing our business for the long-term started nearly 60 years ago, with a thoughtful, conservative approach to our operations, the responsible use of our resources and the respectful treatment of our customers, employees and communities."

Pam Nicholson, Enterprise Holdings President and CEO


We're Up for the Challenge

At Enterprise Rent-A-Car, sustainability is more than just a popular
business term. With over 7,900 locations in 100 countries and
territories worldwide, we’re in a unique position to foster innovation,
advance research and test market-driven solutions.