Accident Management

Accident Management


Accidents happen - when they do, you want to get all parties back on the road safely, as quickly as possible.

Immediately after an accident there is a lot to think about - from ensuring your employee/customer is safe, to organising replacement vehicles, insurance details and vehicle repair. As your accident management partner, Enterprise can take control over the whole process, leaving you more time to concentrate on the important things – your business and your employees. 


We understand that even a small amount of downtime can result in a loss of productivity, increased costs and missed opportunities. That’s why we work hard to make the entire experience smoother for all concerned.

We work with 95% of the UK’s leading motor insurance companies, as well as major fleet operators, and have our own fleet of over 100,000 vehicles. We’ve developed an accident management service which makes the entire claims and repair process easier and more efficient at every stage. 


We’re available wherever and whenever your drivers need us. The right replacement vehicle when and where it’s needed

  • Extensive repair network that gives breadth of choice based on proximity and cost
  • Most vehicles repaired and returned in just 12 days
  • Over 80% calls answered in 30 seconds
  • 97% repairs fully estimated within 2 days
  • 55% saving compared to typical GTA rentals

We have an unrivalled network of more than 470 branches in the UK – 100 of which are open 7 days a week, and more than 60 are accessible between midnight and 6am.

In addition, we have an on-street network of over 1000 vehicles on demand 24/7.This means every driver is back on the road, in a vehicle that’s right for their needs, as soon as possible. And, if they can’t get to the branch themselves, we’ll even pick them up. 



There is more to the Enterprise Accident Management service than just speed, mobility and convenience. 

We agree rates in advance, so there are no unexpected costs. We own and operate all of the vehicles in our fleet – whether that’s a standard car, a high-end luxury model, a van or a specialist commercial vehicle. This means there are no additional fees or delays from third-party vehicle providers passed on to you.  

We run an end to end service which is designed to minimise cost at every stage. We have one of the largest fleets in the country which gives us access to highly competitive labour rates. Even if your employee isn’t at fault, we will still manage the entire process on your behalf, reclaiming all relevant costs from the other party. 

We have developed insurance friendly systems which share information with everyone involved and eliminate unnecessary rental days by empowering customers to directly off-hire vehicles as soon as they’re no longer required. 


Enterprise is always looking for ways to reduce the inevitable trauma and disruption of an accident. 

Replacement vehicles are delivered at a time and location that suits your drivers. Plus, we aim to get vehicles returned in the shortest possible time, so drivers can get back to business as usual. 

We have a proactive approach to managing repairs which includes keeping all parties informed throughout the entire process. This removes the need for multiple calls to check on the status of a repair, saving you time and money.

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